Wednesday, November 26, 2014

back to black

{Missguided coat c/o, Wildlife works tee shirt, True Religion denim, Circus by Sam Edelman boots c/o DSW, Eugenia Kim fedora, Forever 21 necklace}

Black is a color that I don't generally gravitate towards, one because i really don't own that many solid black pieces, and two because I generally prefer the excitement of color and pattern. That being said, this outfit worked for me because of the mix of textures- hello teddy bear coat!- and the pop of blue from such a fabulous hat- it's very American Hustle, no? Not to mention the fact that it felt a little French, oui oui, and I liked that I instantly felt chic in this neutral shade. Dare I say I'm even fond of the hue? Either way, I may be back to black sooner rather than later. 

Photography by Alex

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

simple floral arrangements for Thanksgiving


A few weeks ago I made it over to the SF Flower Mart for the first time ever. It was pretty amazing- the plethora of color, versions upon versions of flowers, and the fact that it was almost entirely cleared out for the day sans a few people made it all the more special to really soak in. With a mere $20 in my pocket (I can go a little crazy with the flowers so I put myself on a budget) I told myself I was looking for Thanksgiving inspired florals, I wanted a bit of orange in the mix, a green rustic filler, and it all needed to be $20 or under. The beauties above are what I found- fragrant eucalyptus, vividly dyed sunflowers, and dusty blue hydrangeas. 

With these three bunches I created four bouquets to place around the house- the two larger ones for the centerpieces of the table, and the smaller ones for the entryway and the serving table to spread the decor evenly. I knew I wanted to keep the height on the floral arrangements so I made sure to not cut too much off from the bottom. I placed the eucalyptus in first, then the sunflowers, and then the hydrangeas. I think the mix of the colors make for the perfect festive floral arrangement for this time of year- it's not too peppy, yet understated enough to make an impact but not distract from the food. 

If you ever get a chance to check out the SF Flower Mart you should, the ambience, the visuals and the experience alone are worth it. Oh, and always negotiate if you bring cash! If I didn't I don't think my florals would have come out under $20. 

Photography by Carlina Harris