Tuesday, July 22, 2014

weekend look

{Zara blazer, By Luciana tee, Abercrombie skirt- similar style (from college days- don't judge!), Goorin Bros. fedora, custom Converse c/o, Madewell calfhair clutch}

I'm determined to run around in bare legs for the majority of this summer even if San Francisco weather refuses to cooperate with me. This was my mantra and look for the weekend. In even more exciting and relevant news- we've moved from the suburbs into San Francisco. Now I don't just work here, but I get to enjoy it off-hours too and it's been pretty amazing! I love walking around exploring my neighborhood and making a mental list of all the places I want to eat at and spots I want visit. 

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Friday, July 18, 2014


This picture epitomizes summer for me. If only San Francisco climate allowed for bare shoulders and little denim bottoms I'd be one happy girl. Alas, I'll have to get my sunny fix elsewhere- I think heading to Maui next month might do the trick! I've only been once for a few days so I'd love your recommendations! 

I'm hooked on the off-the-shoulder trend that seems to be happening right now, I must admit I've always loved this look, trend or not. It's just nice I get a lot more variety in a different range of prices, I am loving all of the inexpensive ones Charlotte Russe are offering. I may have to get this one before they sell out- perfect for Maui, no?! 

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