Thursday, March 25, 2010


{Silence and Noise oxford, edc by Esprit jeans, H&M rings, Ray Ban wayfarers}

{Cindy Crawford photographed by Peter Lindbergh for Harper's Bazaar}

Of all the many things that I love about style and fashion, it's the models that I have a particular affinity for. Their off duty look is just as enticing as their on-duty, and they always know how to turn it on, even if the most fashionable thing they have on is a classic white shirt! From the famed supermodels of the 90's, my favorites are Linda and Cindy. But Cindy always had a special place in my heart- the most gorgeous brunette I had ever seen in a Revlon Rite-Aid lipstick ad (come on people, you know that's where you shopped too, to get your Wet n' Wild on!). 

So, in honor of Cindy, and classic's everywhere I toned down my usually over-the-top look for a more refined, timeless alternative-- the oxford and dark denim duo. I was actually really diggin' the simple yet elegant way the outfit came together! With a pair of brown oxford shoes (so in love with btw), and the always practical trench coat, this look was ready to rival the likes of supermodels everywhere!

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