Friday, March 19, 2010

Round the Corner

One more day until Spring is officially here! I am thrilled, the sun has finally come back to grace us with its presence. The temperature is up, the weekend is here, its pay day; things are looking up!  And my wallet is itching to rack up some mileage points. It seems like just yesterday I was looking forward to all things, luxe, cashmere, and sequin-like.  But now when I open up the glossies, all I see are: sun, floppy hats, florals, pastels, and gorgeous tan chicas.  Obviously I am going to want the latest and greatest in seasonal items, it was inevitably bound to happen. I happens every year, every fashion season, I should have already prepared myself for the credit card crunch!

And so this week, it hit. Spring/Summer purchases so far 3: floral jumper, tan oxfords, and off the shoulder sweatshirt, am I crazy or just CFI (certified fashionably insane)?! Tell me, do I need these babies in both colors?

I bought the cognac ones, now I really want the pink leather too!!! Help!

 (Dakota Dress with crochet racer back)

(Kid Dangerous Janet Pullover)

(Steve Madden Melin Oxfords)

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