Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bag lady

Been searching for a stylish, yet not-uber posh knapsack of sorts, for: travel, summer festivals and slouching around town. So far, I've found a few front runners. Which do you like best? Take my poll off the right, and help me pick a bag that you think suits my personality and style best...


from top:Alloy Corey bacbackpack, $42.50; ASOS Tan Leather Rucksack, $118.36; ASOS Leather Twist Lock Satchel, $109.91; L.L.Bean Maine Guide Rucksack, Waxed Canvas, $149


  1. i love the last one AND the first one, gorgeous! <3

    as far as summer festivals go, its nice to have a bag that isnt TOO bulky, but with plenty of pockets!

  2. i love the first one!!! would love to have it :)


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