Friday, April 2, 2010

Walking in Circles

{Empyre boyfriend blazer, pinstriped button up, Alloy jeans, Bottega Venetta hobo}

{Memphis Minnie's Chicken Plate}
{SM Melin Oxfords}

Last Sunday was kind of an adventure filled day. First we started off in the Haight just wandering about, when we found a BBQ hole-in-the wall joint called Memphis Minnie's, where we shared the delicious artery clogging plate seen above! Yum, slow roasted chicken, shoestring spiced fries, baked beans, corn bread, and some sweet tea! Next stop famed dog paradise--Duboce Park. It was really cool seeing all the dogs frolicking, jumping, running--they needed to get that pent up "I'm too big to be living in a cramped, tiny ass SF apartment" aggression out. Watching the dogs interact with one another, and their owners makes me want a big French poodle, Great Dane, or Bull-mastiff- in an appropriately sized house with an even bigger backyard of course!

Then I had the brilliant idea to check out the Fillmore shops on the other side of town, ie: Marc by Marc Jacobs store! I didn't find anything I didn't already know I wanted, but couldn't afford in the first place, so I headed over to Crossroads. There I happened to score a Proenza Schouler short sleeved sweatshirt that was produced in the Target collaboration a few years back. That's considered vintage, right? Well it was cute, and only $4, so I got it.

Anyways, I needed some sweets stat. so with my Groupon for "That Takes the Cake" in hand, I was determined to get some cupcakes asap! The bf thought walking from Pac Heights to the Marina would be no biggie--we could walk off lunch. I'm all for a good sweat inducing workout, but damn, not when I just flat ironed my hair, or am sporting my brand new oxfords! Anyways, we made it up and over the hills, and back with a dozen amazing cupcakes in hand, and with a natural rosy glow -via 45 degree hills- to boot! Feeling several pound lighter, I indulged in the most delicious banana flavored cupcake ever, fittingly named "Elvis is in the Building", you know cuz he kinda had a thing for peanut butter sandwiches. It was ridiculously good!

Lets hope this Easter Sunday is as exciting, and eventful as I'm planning it to be!


  1. Love the 3rd and last pic - great lighting/style... Oh yeah the model isn't so bad looking eiher!



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