Thursday, May 6, 2010

sf love

I spent the most beautiful day in San Francisco recently with a very good friend of mine, who lives far far away. We gossiped, talked about our boys, drank wine mid-day, and took in the waterfront vibe, it was in a word, perfection. Mostly because seeing my friends is very important to me, keeping good girlfriends around is essential for my health, and sanity! The weather surprised us both as we sat to brunch at Marketbar, at a umbrella-less table, in the gorgeous, but overwhelming, 70+ sunshine. The food was fantastic, the pinot was perfect, and people watching was great--sadly I saw and instantly coveted some chick in my never found Cynthia Vincent wedges....tears...

My outfit was inspired by Erin Wasson (like, who isn't) model off duty look, meets the Real World cast of SF 1989. Kind of a grunge bohemian smash up + ring overload.

{sheer LOFT blouse, Alloy jeans, old glitter sac, Steve Madden boots}

{hmmm what should I eat first....}

{divine...Zoe's prosciutto and fennel salad}

{Smoked Salmon Bruschetta}


  1. Wow, your friend is so lucky to have such a fab fashion icon to look up to while she is in mommy land...Thanks for inspiring said friend in the fashion realm and making it easy to transition back into CA land for a couple hours!

  2. LOVE these shots... that outfit is such a perfect SF go to. Pretty boho on top paired with rough chic below. Love the boots and the wash on the denim.
    Happy you found us.
    Peace and Love from San Francisco!

    Amy and Alex


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