Monday, May 3, 2010

worth every minute

What started out as a makings of a quiet, low key weekend including study time, and reruns of The City, turned into a quite a busy pair of days as time progressed... I managed to make it to the gym Friday, Saturday and Sunday. With my race coming up soon, I need to get all the practice in I can get. Saturday I attended a poolside fashion show at Santana Row, and saw some pretty great collections, while working on my non-existent tan, and coveting every piece from the Boutique Harajuku presentation. It would be an understatement to say that after the show, shopping was on my mind, and up next on the agenda! After some retail therapy it was off to V-Bar to celebrate a friends b-day. I was a little bleary from the previous nights bustle, but I got up early for a brunch date at Marketbar. The weather was perfect in San Francisco, hot, gorgeous, I wished I had on less clothes! Good fun times. Weekends like this, so make the work week worth it. More shots of these events to come!

{C sitting front row. H&M Garden Collection bolero, bf dubbed me "elmo". Anthropologie shopping spree: bottles hung from ceiling decor, YSL book, kitchen essentials. Sunday's view at brunch. New Cynthia Vincent wedges...never did find the cognac gladiator wedges}


  1. lovely pictures, as always. good luck with your training for your race! <3

  2. That red jacket is beautiful :) I've been lusting over the Cynthia Vincent shoes, but I live in Australia so sadly it's all in vain.

  3. Love your blog sweetie!
    Love your style!


  4. these colored shoes give me the need of sun!!!gorgeous!


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