Wednesday, May 19, 2010

yay or nay?

I totally want these shoes, but not sure whether I should shell out the $105 it costs to purchase these seasonal shoes! I know, for some lucky girls out there, $105 is nothing compared to the monthly rental equivalent you spend on your Louboutin fix! But I have to think about this purchase a bit more than usual since its more of an impulse buy (no returns!). And since I have already purchased two pairs of wedges in the last few months! I think also, because I wanted them in brown, but since they are sold out in my size in brown, I am pining for them in black even though they are not as cute as brown. What do you think, black for $105+ tax? They are originally $150, at 30% off am I crazy to not have already bought them?!


  1. i dunno, i'm personally over espadrilles. a wooden wedge or cork would look sooooo much better. maybe these:

    You'd save a cool $30. ;)

    xo, carrie


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