Thursday, June 10, 2010

TAPAS and wine

The truth about wine is that it is good for you. Wine is an antioxidant, and a de-stresser all at the same time. It's there for you after a long day at the office, and keeps you looking youthful--I think! So I went out on Saturday and had my fill of it, at the TAPAS Grand Wine Tasting event at Fort Mason.  The most extensive annual tasting of domestically produced Spanish and Portuguese wines in North America.

The venue was huge, over 50 boutique wineries were pouring, many of which I had never even heard of. A few of the tastings were mediocre, but one or two tables were really something! I enjoyed two in particular. Boony Doon Vineyard, was my first runner up, perhaps because of its close proximity to my current residence, or because it was one of the first tastings I tried, their stuff is good. But, my winner for best wine overall is Forlorn Hope Wines created by a charming fellow, by the name of Matthew Rorick. I was privileged enough to try several of his wines, unfortunately I missed one--which I am now kicking myself for, it was that amazing! It could have been the wine buzz talking, but the bf and I so nonchalantly swore this stuff would have to be poured at our wedding, a white and a red, you know to give the guests more options. Mind you, nobody is engaged-yet. So there I am sniffing, swirling, and sipping the most beautifully made Spanish inspired wine not made in Spain, and am in heaven, amongst the swarm of tipsy folks, pushing me aside to get their next pour. But I didn't mind, after trying Forlorn wines, I'd be pushing my way to the front of the line as well.

My first taste at this magical table was La Gitana- or gypsy in English- a beautifully crisp, and sweet white Summer wine (option A for the upcoming nuptials). Suspiro del Moro, a red, was next up (option B), and I believe I tried the romantically inclined Mil Amores (option C?), another red. They were all superb!

The day was made even sweeter, by a giant paella, freshly cooked, with it's distinct aroma wafting through the hall. Even though the line to get our paella was longer than the width of the hall, we withstood the growl in our bellies, and the thirst in our throat to get a piece of the paella pie. The food was amazing, the wine was delicious, and I am very happy to of had the opportunity to attend this event. I cannot wait to be in Spain this summer and do it all over again!

{Dakota Dress, thrifted jacket, Tanessi necklace}


  1. amazin post!!!!!!

    so yummyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

    loved ur dress-jacket and sunglasses!!!!!!

    thanx for ur kind comm:)

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  2. WOW so huge! amazing lol looks good and cute outfit.

  3. The tapas look amazing! You are so pretty babe, such a wonderful smile =)

    xx .sabo skirt.

  4. That paella looked delicious! Love tapas!

  5. those sunglasses.....

    *super jealous*



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