Monday, July 26, 2010

all shook down

Went to SF's first ever music festival "All Shook Down", sponsored by SF Weekly, and tagged along with my sis for a load of riotous fun! That girl is a pro at always finding where the party is at. I did my best to dress the part, inspired by Winter Kate's extremely unaffordable silk jacket, trying my hand at the Coachella/Glastonbury boho festival look. Not until I arrived at the scene, did I realize I dressed all wrong, shorts were a bad idea! With the sun being a nonexistent figment of my day time imagination, and the wind whipping at several miles an hour, goose bumps were my only constant accessory- as my hat and shawl threatened the fly away any time the wind picked up. I figured it'd warm up eventually, it didn't. So we are now on the hunt for libations to do the trick, one problem: sis forgot her ID! Arrggh, her looks and charm usually get the job done, but the bouncer wasn't having any of it, so we figured it was can in a paper bag time- so discrete!

The main act was Janelle Monae. She was amazing, a fusion of fashion, personality, and what a voice. Her band had killer style as well. Check out the aviator skull cap on drums, and the hair on bass!

{I'm wearing: Martin+Osa tee, Quiksilver shorts, shawl as jacket from Israel, Deanna and Ozzy hat, Steve Madden boots, M+O straw beach bag, F21: feather earrings, sunglasses, Emily Elizabeth arm band}


  1. omg love both your finger nails and toe nails! (wait that sounded really weird.. haha i mean your nail color!)

  2. i love everything about this outfit! especially the accessories =)
    ...look closer

  3. I love the mix of the grey sandals and blue nail polish. I wish I had the confidence to wear something other than a French finish! Thanks for stopping by as well :)

  4. Yeah you're right, you really don't look the part - honey you look better!! It's so odd because all the pictures totally look like it's a bright, sunny day ready to bring on some heat!! Ugh. I can't do wind chills + shorts so you're def a trooper for that, haha.

    Oh and JANELLE, I know it! Amazing right!? She's so talented + she seems like she'd be an absolute joy to be around. I think you scored some nice angles of her!

    These are super gorgeous pics. You gals are too lovely!! ;)


  5. Loving your outfit. Perfect for the occasion! I'm your latest follower ; )


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