Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bottle n Cork

Sometimes I wonder what the perfect outfit for anything is. What should I wear to a pub crawl, the movies, brunch, or even wine tasting (notice how most of these revolve around booze)? I want to look my best, be comfortable but on that same note appear chic. While the people waiting for me on the other end would just as well me take five minutes to get ready I need at least one hour, and several costume outfit changes!

Recently I went on a little wine tasting trip where I was able to bottle my own wine. And had my "what to wear" outfit moment all over again. I finally decided on a patterned blouse, skinny jeans, classic brooch and brogues. But living in Northern California doesn't make dressing for my day easy, the fall weather is quite unpredictable, you just never know if it will be an intense sunny day, or rain and fog. So I always try and be prepared, and layer!

The next oppurtunity I can make time for a relaxing afternoon of wine tasting, this would be an ideal outfit, or at least inspirational elements that I would like to incorporate in somehow.

6. Rebecca Minkoff Wine Bread Bag

Tips for dressing appropriately for a jaunt in the vineyard:
1. Layer up
2. Wear comfortable shoes
3. Sunglasses are a must--wrinkles are not an option
4. Wear dark colors-that way if you do spill, it blends in
5. Bring a large comfy sweater, it doubles as a blanket for when you fall asleep on the ride home

What I wore:
blouse purchased in Paris, Alloy skinnies, Bally bag, Steve Madden brogues, Target socks, thrifted: vest, Chanel brooch, & sunglasses


  1. i want to go on a wine tasting! so what part of cali do you live?~ i always thought you lived in NYC =p

  2. As far as I'm concerned you looked fabulous and perfect for a wine tasting! And I can totally relate to having all events revolve around booze haha By the way, I love that mj satchel and JCE clog booties! Have a great weekend!

  3. I love what you wore on your wine adventure!:) You look so comfy and chic! The blouse is gorgeous!


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