Wednesday, September 1, 2010

la dolce vita

Traveling from city to city via train is quite the experience--it's romantic, and scenic, and much more comfortable than riding on a cramped airplane. After traveling a little less than half a day on Italy's regional train Trenitalia, we finally arrived to our next destination--Santa Margharita Ligure. Our high expectations for this overtly crowded small beach town were meet and surpassed shortly after arrival: the people were nice--offering directions when none were asked for (they must have sensed we were lost), the Mediterranean Sea was welcoming, warm and hard to get out of, and of course the food was incredible- if you saw the movie Eat Pray Love, you know what I'm talking about.

Our days were inevitably centered around the water: impromptu picnics were had seaside indulging in locally cured prosciutto, baguettes and fresh fruit; gelato runs were made twice daily--substituting lunch on several occasions, and instead of sand, we spent the days on the smooth rocks, sopping up the sun. When night fell, hours were spent enjoying late night meals at classic mom and pop trattoria's. Cena began with the ever refreshing melon and prosciutto antipasto, followed by homemade pasta, and half liters of wine. It was interesting that no matter how much I ate- and I ate a lot, I never reached food coma status like I usually seem to when I eat in California, the portions everywhere in Europe, so far, were easier to finish without having to stuff my face to finish my plate. 

Santa Margharita was honeymoon destination gorgeous, and completely enjoyed to the fullest, albeit a bit short. After only two brief days in this beautiful town it was hard to leave, but it was time to get back on the monument/museum bandwagon, the Louvre, d'Orsay, and Versailles all waited for us patiently as we would stop briefly in Milano, and off train-bound again to Paris, where regrettably there wouldn't be a beach for miles.

1.Picturesque view from top of our hotel terrace, 2.Ligurian sea front, 3.laying out on rocks, 4.lunch, 5.private beach; I almost went topless- almost, 6.walking by unlimited amounts of scooters--the preferred travel method, 7.the coast trying to pull me back in, 8.train stop, 9.after dinner and my dress still fit!


  1. Sounds like an AMAZING vacation. Love the pics!

  2. Ooo more lovely pics of ur trip! I really need to go on a vacay hehe Love your lace dress above!

  3. Great pictures!
    I love the dress in the first shot... I have one like it and love wearing it!

    Following your blog now!

    xx Black Adder Fashion

  4. oh my gosh! i absolutely love the dress you are wearing in the first picture! it is so feminine and chic. gotta embrace the lace. :)


  5. The place looks gorgeous! That really sounds like a lot of fun...though sitting on the train for long periods of time can be quite tiring too, no? Sweet lace dress btw. xo

  6. Beautiful pictures! ;) Nice dress. I love your blog <3

  7. That's awesome that you will be in town for fashion week! Do u have any plans fir fashions night out? As for hotels in the city your best bet would be to check out Tripadvisor. Another option if everything is booked would be to stay in downtown Jersey City, Nj. It is right across the Hudson river. There are quite a few nice hotels to choose from and I'm sure it us cheaper than staying in the city. If you want further info let me know : )

  8. looks amazing! hope you had great fun!!

    ps: your white dress is super super stunning

  9. i absolutely love your blog, definitely following! (:

    come by sometime?


  10. Hello again! Thanks for ur comment on my blog and letting me know which nail color ure wearing:) Oh wow, it was just $2?? Heading to the store asap! Have a great weekend!

  11. WOW WOW WOW! NY fashion week? thats amazing!! really really cool!..
    the ysl ring I bought actually at the ysl shop (side street to 5th ave, next to luis vuitton, chanel, miu miu...)
    ...for shopping you have to go to SoHo/Noho/Nolita, 5th ave is so passe - lol actually not haha but there you'll find all the stores you find in any other city, SoHo is so special and has much more flair... it's not that mainstream, I think..

    so have fun and I'm soo jealous of you going to fashion week.. make sure to make as much pics as you can and please keep us all posted :)

    xoxo, A.

  12. I LOOOOVE your white lace dress! Makes me long for summer...

    Best, Jenny

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