Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NYFW 2010

New York City was an amazing blur, of sleepless nights, overwhelming style, too much shopping and as usual one too many cocktails. I was lucky enough to spend my days and nights with my sister, my bestie, and her sis (the generous host) for one very fast paced week.

I started out in Brooklyn. No more than an hour after landing at JFK we were bar hopping in Park Slope, gossiping with the locals, and planning our future meet up. During my time I sight-saw, attended some shows/ parties, ate some amazing meals (Pipa's Tapas anyone?) and saw my fair share of celebreality stars. Speaking of stars, you'll never guess who I stalked and took pics with....Rumi from Fashion Toast! Loved what she was wearing, she was super tall and so friendly! I also saw Miss Jay, and Jaslene (winner of America's Next Top Model), Ben and Joel Madden, and Angela Simmons from Run's House (she was sitting across from me at the Jose Duran show!). It was all so exciting. New York is fantastic on its own, but you really don't know what to expect during Fashion Week!

Stay tuned for part two of NYC fabulous-ness!
pictures top to bottom: 1. warm welcome from Starbucks under our home away from home--the Empire Hotel, 2. Rumi Neely spotted outside of Lincoln Center, 3. Pulino's Margharita Pizza, 4. me, my sis and Rumi, 5. poster in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week lounge, 6. dinner at Sushi a Go Go before Senior Academy of Art show, 7 & 8. Senior show, 9. Fashion's Night out at Zara's, 10. Top Shop shoe wall, 11. with friend and fashion designer Elizabeth Azadi, 12. enjoying Kim Crawford wines at style lounge

p.s. I received a lovely surprise--an award from  The Owl's Closet, which I love, love, love!!! Check it out when you get a chance, you won't be sorry...

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kisses, Carlina


  1. Carlina, thanks for visiting my blog! You look absolutely stunning, and that pizza looks delish! I'M A NEW FOLLOWER! :)

    <3, natasha

  2. I am infinitely jealous that you were in NY for FNO. And that you met and took pictures w/ Rumi. And your amazing shoes. Your feet must've been killing you at the end of the day, non?

    - Sherrie

    P.S. I appreciate your input on my blog about how you're gaining ground in the fashion industry. It gives me a lot of hope. Thank you for following!

  3. Great photos! Can't wait to see the rest! Thank you so much for the blog award, love! ; )

  4. You are such a doll, thanks for the award!

    Um, Miss J and Jaslene? AWESOME. And isn't Rumi surprisingly tall? I don't know why, but I assumed she was like 5'3".

  5. Thanks for stopping by! How wonderful NYWF must be!! Great photos :) I can't believe you spotted Rumi! It's so crazy thinking that all these bloggers are just normal people too!

    Stop by again soon!

  6. looks like you had a blast in NYC- jealous!

  7. Hellooo! I'm new to your blog, thanks for dropping by so I could discover you! Firstly, it looks like you had an AWESOME time at NYFW, you lucky thing :) Also, you met Rumi! What was she like in person? :D


  8. rad pictures, i can't wait for the next bunch! ps, thanks for passing that award,jejeje.. :)

  9. you sure did enjoy every moment of nyfw!:)

  10. Love your blog. You look so stunning. This photo diary is so inspiring.

    Karoline @ SECONDHAND NEWS

  11. What an amazing time in NY!! Omgosh, so cool that you took a pic with Rumi!! Thank you for the shout-out:) Your award is well deserved b/c I love, love, love ur blog, too!:) Can't wait for more fashion week awesomness!


  12. You and your sis are gorge! I was at Pipa's recently! I drank more wine than I ate tapas haha

  13. How tall is Rumi Neely

  14. oh! thank you. you're so sweet!!! i love your blog too!!!!

    xoxo from rome

  15. Hello Dolls!

    For everyone wondering Rumi was abnormally tall...j/k, she just had on really high heels, a nice tall hat, and I had on really flat flats.

    thanks for all the love, your continuous comments and interest in this lil old blog make my heart happy! I love you all.

    xo Carlina


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