Monday, September 6, 2010

Paris, je t'aime

 Paris was my number two pick in favorite spots throughout my trip. Highlights included: everyone's amazingly cool sense of style, beautiful gardens, picturesque scenes everywhere we turned, the metro, and just being in a place with so much history--oh yeah and running into Rachael McAdam's down the windy streets of Le Marais (OK, so maybe its was the bf who saw her, but I did see her from behind- tre chic Mademoiselle!).

Oh Paris, you were wonderful in every way, you stole my heart and unfortunately my appetite as well. I was so looking forward to your raved about escargot, frog legs, and world renowned french fare, but that damn croque-madame kinda ruined it for you, and didn't let me fully enjoy Versailles the next day. Oh well- I should have known better than to eat a semi cooked egg at an overpriced bistro!

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Pictures: 1. Les Frites @ McDonald's, 2. overlooking les Tuileries Garden, 3. me in the garden, 4. unpredictable Parisian weather, 5. the culprit- croque madame, 6. Versailles, 7. L′Orangerie du Château de Versailles, 8. mini nap- not feeling well at all in Versailles!, 9. Notre Dame, 10. rainy day near the Eiffel Tower, 11. Goodbye Paris, I still love you


  1. Oh man, such beautiful pics of Paris! Thanks for sharing ur experience with us:) You guys saw Rachel McAdams?? Aah, awesome!! Ur pink Nikes are adorable! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend!

  2. Oh, I've never been to Paris but want to go SO badly! I'm highly jealous of you right now, dear. These photos are fab!
    It's my first time on your blog and I'm loving it -- can't wait for more!
    xo Josie

  3. i've never been to europe, and have never really had the desire to goo, but DAMN GIRL! your pictures are AH_MAY_ZING! I wanna go now!!! hehe XO!

  4. Thanks for dropping by the Bitches! I love the pic of you in the pink tennies, jeans, blazer, scarf, and tee. Tres American!

  5. j'adore paris<3
    I also have a paris report
    but hon i love your blog
    I'm your newest follower

  6. I absolutely love PARIS! Versailles is one of the most gorgeous places I've ever visited.

  7. love your sneakers! great color:)


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