Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Foot Fetish

{Jeffery Campbell Mariel Wedge Sandals}

It seems like every Friday I say the same three words- "It's finally here!". Can you blame me? After a long, particularly rough week at the office, the only things I can seem to wrap my head around are: how my last five minutes of work can't arrive fast enough, what kind of cocktail I'll pour myself at the end of the day, and my brand new fierce footwear! The arrival of these cheetah-print hair calf wedge sandals has definitely put my ghastly work week in the past.  I'm looking forward to trolling the streets at my new model height this weekend!

I have been on the hunt for a pair of leopard flats of all things, when these just happened to go on sale at Shopbop! I'm usually not one to spend so much on shoes, but I knew if I didn't get them I would regret it (I got the last pair in my size!!). The buttery soft red leather inside is perfection, and the hair calf pattern is not only super hot right now, but I can totally see myself pulling these shoes out of the closet for seasons to come.

It might be overkill to pair these wedges with my leopard fur-- and yes I thought about it. How would you wear these shoes?


  1. These are totally to die for, fierce it is girl!

    Have a wicked weekend!

  2. Oh wow those are just fabulous!!!

    Happy Friday!!
    xoxo M

  3. perfect shoes love it!!
    Come Follow xoxo

  4. O M G!!! i want them!!!


  5. those are fabulous. seriously sick in the best way.

    i'd wear them with leggings, a long t, and a chunky cardigan and mounds of jewels around the neck.

    next: i'd wear them with a fitted t, hippie belt and bell bottoms so the shoe peeped out. oh yeah, that's a rad one. maybe a leather jacket or bf cardi over that one.

    how about w/a dress?? that could be hot!

    great score!!


  6. i love them! they are a great a buy :)

  7. Those shoes look so fierce. I think leopard print accessories really bring a boldness to outfits!
    - Sherrie

  8. I love the shoes, and I am looking forward to seeing how you work them into your outfits. Friday shoe deliveries are fantastic - it's the cherry on top of the upcoming weekend :) And I say go for leopard on leopard! I'm sure there's someway that print-oversaturation can look fabulous but not too over the top, haha. But if I did have leopard print shoes, I admit, I would pair it with something simple - black dress, minimal accessories, or something else casual and ordinary.

    - Sharon

  9. thank you girls for all the sweet comments, the shoes are super comfy. I got quite a few compliments on them this weekend ;)

    @this free bird: thx for the outfit suggestions, I did pair them with a dress this weekend, they look pretty great with a bare pair of legs!

    @Closet Hound (Sharon): I totally would do leopard on leopard, don't tempt me!

  10. Wow, nicely put!! I am so with you on the work ending, cocktail pouring, shoe loving front. Those shoes are fierce. I have been eyeing them for a while and now I wish I'd have purchased them sooner! Can't wait to see you rock them! <3

    xx Laura

  11. Sorry to hear about ur week:( Glad these awesome wedges lifted ur spirits! I would probably wear them with a more neutral ensemble and let the shoes shine hehe Hope you had a great weekend!

  12. LOVE LOVE these JC Cheetah Wedges! I recently posted about them too ;) I can't wait to see you rock them! Very cute blog


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