Thursday, October 7, 2010

L word

Went to a launch party for the Real L Word wines and meet reality star Rose Garcia. Had a fun time trying new wines, and chatting up other journalists in the room. Rose was actually an hour and twenty minutes late to her own event, so of course we were all gossiping about how unprofessional and D-list of her to do so! But in the end we struck up a conversation with the 'diva' and got a few pictures. She was actually very nice, I asked her what she was wearing (I was feeling very E! celeb correspondent on the red carpet), she said BCBG.
Not only was it a good time but a portion of the proceeds went to benefit the GSA Network (Gay-Straight Alliance Network)--I'm all about helping, the fact that it was actually a fun event made it that much sweeter!
{F21 skirt and jacket, Lauren Conrad for Kohl's top, fur stole, vintage clutch, Steve Madden Mary Jane platforms, SaSa hoops)

It's been a while since I threw on an outfit that I completely loved, and no matter how much my bf was giving me the 'you look like your 50' eye, I wasn't budging. I was feeling sexy, elegant and extremely feminine- which I usually don't do on purpose! My ensemble was a mish mash of watching too many episodes of Mad Men, and Abbey Lee in Paris during Fashion Week--it's all about the maxi skirt, and I plan to wear this trend out!

 By the way this was a recent mani I DIY'd. Its a light pink base, with iridescent black french tips. Trying out new takes on an old classic. I think I might be experimenting a lot more with my nails this season. Anybody else do their own mani's out there? Have any good color suggestions I should pair up?


  1. IT looks like a super fun night! You girls are so pretty, I adore your entire outfit (may I say that you actually look prettier than the diva herself? wink wink)!

    Have an awesome one, darl (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  2. You definitely do not look like ur 50!! LOL This is such a great outfit! I'm with ya, I'm gonna wearing the maxi trend to the max, too:) So glad it made a comeback! Oh wow, what an awesome opportunity to meet her! Sounds like another fab event:)

  3. love your jacket and skirt. So chic.xx

  4. Oh you look gorgeous! I adore your outfit. The length of that skirt is just perfect and the faux fur scarf is amazing! (boys don't get it :P)


  5. Adore your outfit so much! It looks vintage indeed, but you definitely don't look 50! ;)

    Castor Pollux

  6. I adoreeee your outfit, and I've gushed about this many times before, but I love your beautiful, beautiful face - you have perfect skin, sweetie. The party looks like it was really swank and fun, and the fact it's a charity event makes it even more lovely. But don't ask me about anything that has to do with manicures - I'm terrible at painting my nails one color, let alone trying decor or different colors. But my roommate just recently painted a leopard print on her nails (yellow + black), which I thought I wouldn't like, but it's really unexpected and it eventually grew on me.


  7. oh my gosh- that's awesome! i love the real l word and i think its great that you got to to the launch party, how fun!

    thanks- brock and i are super's kind of weird wearing a ring on my left hand, but i love it and now we are just overwhelmed and thinking about all the planning we need to do, but we will have fun doing it together! you are so sweet! i hope you're having a terrific weekend, girl. <3


  8. Maybe what he really meant was that on a scale of 1 to 10, you look like a 50? I know, maybe it's a bit of a stretch, but I totally go with that because you look freaking UH-Mazing!! You + your sis are absolutely stunning!! <3


    oh and ooooh nail polish color suggestions?? I'm only good at picking colors one at a time, but I really digs your diy manicure! tres cute!

  9. Hi, again! Thanks for ur comment on my blog:) I'm with ya, holiday lookbooks makes me happy, too! Can't believe the holidays are almost here?! Hope ure enjoying the weekend, Carlina!!

  10. I love this outfit and you are working it!

    I think my next mani is going to be a red and black french manicure. I want to scare small children.

  11. Hi! Hope you had a good weekend! Did you check Macy*s online or in stores? They might have the wacky placket dress:) The ones I posted are directly from Rachey Roy's site. It's such a cute dress! Have a great week, too!

  12. That fur stole is insane!! Love the way you styled it with the F21 jacket. And I am so all about maxi skirts right now. Aren't they they the best?! Comfy but still chic! Your look is amazing! xx

  13. you did not look anywhere even NEAR 50. my bf's always giving me the you look like a granny eye. i told him to save it up b/c it'll be here sooner than you know it. bahahahah!!

    seriously note - you looked great!


  14. Just started following you love! OMG I love this skirt and the fur!! You look fabulous!
    xoxo M

  15. I'm absolutely loving your outfit, chica!

  16. You look outstanding. Hope you're having a great weekend. Lots of love.

    Karoline @ SECONDHAND NEWS


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