Friday, November 19, 2010


Until a few days again fall wasn't really fall for me. It was more of a stretched out Indian summer. But of course I was determined to wear my season appropriate basics. So regardless of the pictorial oxymoron shown below it made me giddy to frolic around my living room, and later Target wearing flannel, over the knee wooly socks, and my favorite/only, extremely versatile faux fur stole. If only for the fact that these items were paired with cutoff denim shorts, I might have felt completely normal. I think these shorts have been getting more action these past few weeks, than any other time this year. I'm a bit obsessed with them.

{Newport News flannel shirt, Target: jacket & OTK socks, Fox shorts, Franco Sarto boots, fur stole detached from another jacket}


  1. You've got some legs, girl! Hot!

  2. Totally love the plaid wit those socks and rocked this one!!!

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  3. I absolutely love your fur. I really need fur. I hate being reminded that I still don't have something fur-ry. Ugh, so jealous!!

    xo Sherrie

  4. LEGS FOR DAAAAAAAYS! those shorts, i think i love em as much as you do!lol. i can't wait to rock shorts in 10days while in mexicooooo!

    so yea, i've had my nose pierced since i was...20? or 19? lol. i just recently switched to the hoop, i was "afraid" of lookin too "chola" ahaha/...but then i was like..nah, fuck it, i cna rock it non-chola-ish! :) and VOILA! get your nose pierced again!!! like COME ON!! hehehe.have a great weekend!!! XOX

  5. Totally agree.. where did fall go?!

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  6. lovely legs! i wish i could find some shorts- it seems like all the stores in my area just dont carry right now, which is silly because girls wear them year around, especially in europe. just throw some tights underneath if its too chilly out and you are good to go! cute cute outfit! hope you're having a great weekend! <3

  7. looking cute little miss, i just love the fur too xx

  8. Awesome!
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  9. love your shirt!
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    xoxo from rome

  10. What a fun look! I've been somewhat obsessed with my H&M fur stole, too:) They're so versatile! Hope ure having a good week! Are u ready for black friday sales?? hehe

  11. absolutely adore the jacket! and i love that you added those socks, so unexpected! cute :)

  12. Dressing up a home is one thing, but prancing around Target with everyone giving me looks was a bit wierd...although I did looove this outfit!HAHA!

    @Fashion Butter: thanks hunny bun ;)
    @Closet Hound: you better get on it, spring will be here sooner than you know...
    @Luna: haha I love u!!
    @Jessica: I'm all about this Euro look!
    @Owl's Closet: don't even get me started on Black Friday!

    xo Carlina

  13. I love this look and have totally worn it out and about. Didn't get any weird looks though (but now that I think of it I usually get looks wherever I go, so maybe I'm immune to it now!!)

    Thanks for you comment! Want to follow each other??

    xx Kara

  14. lol i think i have that Target jacket in black... throw on some tights under those socks in a colder month and youre good to go!

  15. you look so cute!!! Like a lumberjack styled barbie doll!! xoxo M

  16. love the jacket esp with the fur. x


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