Monday, November 29, 2010

thirteen hours, four (Irish) coffee's, three items

I always do Black Friday, but I never get up before ten. It only makes sense to enjoy a day off with a restful night's sleep, an unrushed breakfast, and maybe a morning show or two before the shopping ensues. For some unknown reason it was decided that this year my beau and I would join the rest of the crazies and begin our Christmas shopping at four am, following our first hosted Thanksgiving dinner- which went well thank you very much! 

Credit cards at the ready, running shoes on (just in case we encountered a Wal-Mart 2009 scenario), first coffee in hand, and out the door we go. Never in my life have I seen so many people awake intentionally at this god awful hour. People were running into the mall. It was crazy. Ok, I thought maybe there are going to be some really great deals! I'm totally leaving this place with a hundred bags. Hardly. My boyfriend bought more stuff than I did! One purple velvet dress, one sequin bolero, and one pair of Rock & Republics later- and I was ready to go home. If you're wondering why it took so long to buy three things- it's because I like to torture myself, and actually went for round two in Union Square and then attempted to stay for the annual tree lighting ceremony.

Ear cuff, cashmere scarf, Hollister fur trimmed coat

We purposely did NOT decide to match. It was our sister intuition- red lips and fur trimmed parkas!
Waiting patiently for Irish Coffee's between stores
Since Friday was uneventful, I decided a little DIY project would pick up my spirits. So I got my hands on an amazing leopard zip clutch and bedazzled the hell out of it! It's fun, chic, and goes everywhere. It will be perfect for all those holiday parties..


  1. aw! love the pictures, you look gorgeous as always. haha, i made my boyfriend go shopping with me as well, and i only ended up getting a pair of boots! (which was probably for the best). the hi light of black friday for me was stopping by a little euro bistro and eating spanish chorizo and manecho fondue. the thing i love the most about the holidays is just spending time with the people you love, even if it is at home curled up on a sofa yelling about how much you love jimmy stewart.

  2. Great photos !

  3. What is about animal print and the way it just fits everything? Thanks for sharing the post, and drop by me too when you have time. I also love the red scarf up there, been looking for something just like it.


  4. I was among the crazies! I got a few things for myself, but mostly kids gifts.

  5. great clutch! i did a little shopping on Friday, but nothing too crazy... the BEST deals were all online!

  6. @Jessica: thanks sweetie! btw your engagement pics are to. die. for...

    @Ellinor Forje: love me some animal print, so perfect for this time of year!

    @Erica: I bet you were! However do you do it- it was a zoo!

    @Serenissima: yep, here's hoping cyber monday is more productive.

  7. Your DIY looks so cute. And it looks like Black Friday was super fun (and cold!!!) for you.

    xo Sherrie

  8. You are both so gorgeous. Love the DIY always inspire me.

    Dena x

  9. don't know if i could ever brave waking up at 4am to be amongst the crazies at the mall haha you've got courage girl! ;)

  10. This is a great post. I never got to do Black Friday shopping this year. But next year, I am going to follow your tip of getting a good night's rest before leaving my house---so that I can enjoy the day and be less grumpy!


    Best wishes,


  11. Such fab images of the two of you gorgeous girlies! I'm loving the red lippy and the Pimped up purse!

    Hmm, i think i'll go pimp up my nails with a bit of sparkle too!

  12. I love that photo of you as your waiting for coffee, haha! The lace headband is beautiful! Did you make it yourself? This was the first year I missed Black Friday. There was just nothing to wake up at 4am for! Ah, well, maybe next year.

  13. @beingdena: thanks hun!

    @Erika Franklin: first and last time hunny--never again!

    @Brit Greek: I am loving the red lippy too, I need to wear it more everyday ;)

    @pancakeSTACKER: no my sis bought it at H&M that day actually!

  14. Ahh miss the craziness of Black Friday. It used to be an annual tradition with my mom and I but since I moved to Holland I miss out on the great American mayhem. Sounds like you got some good stuff out of it though!


  15. Omgosh, you look so cute for black friday shopping!! Oh man, I woke up at 1:30 am and looked like a mess...oh well haha! I love how you girls end up matching! Too cute! So sorry it took me awhile to get back to ur comment! I'm still recovering from carpal tunnel, so it's taking me a bit longer than usual to visit blogs/post:( Anyway, thanks again for ur comment on my last post! I bought the most stuff for myself at GAP (50% off entire store sale) and a pair of slouchy sequined shorts at Charlotte Russe for $6.50?! The rest of black friday shopping was dedicated to holiday gifts lol It was very, very hard to resist temptations for myself;) Hope ure doing well, Carlina!:)


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