Friday, February 4, 2011

Almost Famous

It's so nice to take a day off and just enjoy life, youth, friendship- the elements. Please excuse my hippie ranting, I recently enjoyed a fantastic day at Anchor Steam brewery, and left with not only a lower tolerance for bad beer, but with a sunnier outlook on life (even though it was raining), all while imbibing in some free booze!
If your ever in San Francisco you must tour this fantastic facility. The tour is gratis, the numerous tastings included, and the tour guide's know their stuff!

 The bf thought my outfit was way too much for beer- you know how boys can be. Our conversation prior to heading out the door went something like this...
Bf: "Really? Fur and cowboy boots Carlina, we are just going to taste beer. Why don't you wear something low-key?
Me: "This is my low-key beer tasting outfit. You're lucky I'm not wearing my platform boots."

Actually I was lucky I didn't wear my platform boots. I probably would have ended up rolling down that hill behind me after all those samples!

{thrifted rabbit fur coat [a steal at $12.50, i love the Almost Famous vibe I get from wearing it!], American Apparel sweatshirt, wet seal jeans, vintage cowboy boots, BV hobo


  1. I can't believe you only paid 12 bucks for that coat! It looks amazing!!!

  2. This post so screams friday and holy mother I love your coat!!!

    Hey, throw in on the denim next week. How about do Thursday? I had two drop so I'll post that day with you and one or two others. Yeah!! DO IT! Let me know so I can link you in for some traffic :)


  3. Love the fit of your jeans and those boots *sigh*

  4. @this free bird: I'm down, count me in!!

  5. Looking good, honey! Comfortable and stylish:D

    ♥ kisses ♥

  6. I absolutely looove your thrifted rabbit fur coat. And I understand how guys get - sometimes I dress up way too much for class and my bf sees me on campus and he thinks I'm insane for walking around like that on an everyday basis. But it's fun. And you look amazing - I hope you didn't spill anything on your cute coat, though ;)

    xo Sherrie

  7. missed ya girl! winter weather has moved into my area so i've been dealing with yucky ice and snow for the past week...only to get more this wednesday. ugh.

    looks like you had fun! haha- i laughed about the part where your boyfriend said to wear something more "low-key", because I think this is the perfect beer adventure drinking outfit. you just reminded me of the summer i lived/studied in ireland- i made a trip out to the guinness brewery (my favorite!) it was fun, but i drank way too much....


  8. love that jacket!

  9. that coat is fab! perfect for beer tasting IMO :)

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