Thursday, February 10, 2011

White Denim Challenge

I've been boasting to everyone who will hear me out that I'm participating in Carrie's white denim challenge in the midst of winter. Of course I always wait to the last minute to do anything of importance, so of course I broke out the whites, last minute, last night- to a wine tasting event none the less. While white denim and red wine love each other dearly, I managed to keep them separate, and my pants stain free all night.

The outfit below was created out of sheer panic, I was running late, and knew I needed to be ready four minutes ago. So out came the denim from the depths of my closet, a perfectly colored oversize sweater, and my newest fetish boots- I think I love them even more with the denim over the boots, cropping the boots even more.

By the way, these pants were a b*tch to get on, it could be the fact that the holiday goodies finally crept up on my behind, or perhaps because I just painted my nails, and refused to get griege pant on my white pants. Either way I need to get back in top shape. So I decided I'm going to train for a half marathon. Crazy since I only have 5 weeks to do it in. Anyone have some tips, or just want to tell me I'm crazy and it's not happening?

{American Eagle oversized sweater, Alloy denim, Steve Madden boots, Empyre blazer}

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  1. dope! i'm always scared to wear white denim!

  2. Simple and SUPERCUTE! I love your boots!!!!! :)
    xoxo, LiDì

  3. If I could pull off white skinny jeans like you I would wear them EVERYDAY for the rest of my life! HOLY CRAP!
    I love the blazer!!!!! I am a new follower and so grateful to Carrie for doing this! So many fun blogs to visit!

  4. @Luna: dude if anyone could do white denim, it's def you!

    @Freelance Shop-A-Holic: right? me too! ;)

    xo Carlina

  5. love it and those boots are killer!!

  6. You look amazing. Love the boots!

  7. You look amazing! I don't know if I could bring myself to wear white denim, I just worry that my legs would look massive :P Do you have any tips for wearing it?

  8. okay super freaking sass. if you need a marathon i need the damn lap band!! you look great! hello to the legs!! and ps - i love those boots


  9. You ARE in top shape lovely. Like the white denim look but what catches my eyes even more are those amazing shoes.

    Dena x

  10. You look so amazing in white pants! You're crazy! You don't need to work out at all - you're already gorgeous as it is. The only good tip I'd have for a marathon would just be to not do it haha. I know... I'm so bad at this encouraging thing. Sigh, I could never do a marathon. But I'm sure you could! Just run everyday, keep hydrated, and I believe most marathon-ers just load up on carbs before the marathon so they have excess energy. Hopefully this helps!

    xo Sherrie

  11. i love this outfit! those pants fit you great and i also really like that sweater... ive been searching for one similar and i just cant seem to get the fit right

  12. wow, super high heels!

    Love your ovesized sweater, so cozy!

    thanks for following ;)

  13. I adore your booties!<3

    ♥ kisses ♥

  14. very chic. makes me want to participate in the challenge in whip mine out.

    you are brave to wear white jeans to a wine tasting!

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  15. Love your outfit!<3
    Great style:)

    Stop by sometime dear!

  16. You look good rocking white, wish i could too!

    I seriously love your boots doll! Hope you're having a great week!

  17. Love it!! Those boots are fab!

  18. cute! i always wear my white jeans year-round...i'm no slave to fashion rules, you know?

  19. my dear, visit my blog when you can, you're featured in my weekly bloggers post!

    thanks for following ;)

  20. Hii!!! I have just found your blog because of the post Bloggers' blog has just posted in which she speaks about you. I really like it, so you have a new follower now!!!


    Paloma - Très Mode

  21. love your boots!

    wanna follow eachother?


  22. @Shoe just go for it! No rules, no boundaries!

    @thisfreebird: alright you've twisted my arm- lets do lap bands together!

    @ClosetHound: girl your gotta come out to SF and do Bay to Breakers this year! We can run in heels?!

    @bloggerfinders: Thank you! I love it!!!!

    @Paloma G: thanks lovely, I like your blog too!


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