Friday, March 11, 2011

leather on leather

{H&M duster coat, LOFT sheer blouse, vintage DKNY leather skirt, Hollister beanie, Nine West booties, F21 belt, ring, BR Market Tote}

Decided to dress up on Oscar Sunday, even though I didn't go to any Oscar viewing parties, or even watch any of it. Regardless this is me dressing up or down, on a most elegant night. I wanted to pull out my sequin blazer, and maxi skirt, and go all out, but my mind changed direction once I saw this skirt hanging untouched in my closet.

I busted out the red lips, my hipster beanie, and pulled out my newest favorite bag- which my bf just happened to surprise me on Valentine's Day with. It's so dreamy- I mean it feels like butter!

*special thoughts and prayers out to all those affected by the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, and around the world*


  1. That bag is amazing - I'm jealous. I got a book on Valentines Day from my boyfriend haha; it really pales in comparison to that bag.
    I love that red lipstick on you! And you don't need a reason to dress up (or down) - you look fantastic, with or without an Oscar viewing party or shindig.

    xo Sherrie

  2. Thanks for your comment!, it has made me very happy, in fact I've worked in television because i'm journalist, but now I'm unemployed :(
    I love your look, you look very pretty
    I follow your blog, ok?
    I hope you can follow mine too

  3. I really love this look!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. rock those red lips n rockerrr look <3 have a good weekend mama

  5. Love the skirt and that bag!

  6. I love this look. You look very beautiful as well!!
    xoxo Debby

  7. So chic! I like how you added the beanie for a cool vibe.. and your VDay purse is gorgeous!

    xx Kara

  8. this is head to toe flawless and i want to wear it!

  9. I love the leather skirt! So hot:)

  10. aw, your bf did good! i love that awesome pop of color with your outfit. also: girl, i am going to steal your top- i am so obsessed with sheer materials lately! we didnt watch the oscars too much here...just up until pixar won for toy story 3, and that made me happy. <3

  11. Loving the outfit! You look great as always ; )

  12. You look very very good ;)

  13. Carlinaaaaaa! Sorry cupcake it's been a while!

    Wow, you have such flawless skin and the pop of red on your lips make this entire outfit stand out.

    Loved your techni-coloured scarf in previous post too.

    Have a top week!
    p.s what a coincidence on discovering Jenns blog too!

  14. Wonderful outfit!
    I like it!
    Nice blog!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  15. Hi Carlina!
    It has been awhile, but you look fabulous as always. That pop of color is so necessary :) Hope you had a great weekend!

  16. I think I died and went to heaven. this is the PERFECT look, I love it head to toe, even the make up. x

  17. Hehehe...I didn't get the jacket for too much of a sale price...Need Supply Co had it for $74. It is really worth it though (just in case you need the extra push :))

  18. @closethound: Sherrie, now now, books are beautiful beyond words- pun intended- they are classic gifts, and pretty romantic if you ask me!

    @Roxy Te: isnt it though? its all you need to brighten that outfit!

    @beingdena: haha girly, your the best!

    xo Carlina

  19. love the sweater and the detail on the skirt! studs always make me feel a bit rock n roll!
    btw, my ring is from asos.

  20. I like your red lips!!!!!:)))

  21. Hello Sweety!!! I love your leather skirt it,s wonderful Also the forever 21 belt its the same which carrie wear in sex and the city and cute Orange bag!... For me, your outfit Is a look 10.

  22. I adore your outfit. The bright red lips are fab!

    Are you really allergic to vanilla? I don't think that I could live without vanilla!

  23. Awesome look! I love the leather skirt and the belt, so rock&roll!

    ♥ Kisses ♥

  24. great outfit!

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  25. OMG! Your outfit is absolutey fantastic! the skirt is fabulous, the blouse is perfect...and the belt...super-amazing!
    yout blog is nice too: interesting and so inspiring!!! I follow you!
    visit mine and if u like it do the same: follow me!
    I'm expecting for would be an honour!

  26. Wow! love ur blog

  27. Ok ok WHOA now girl. I didn't know you were so violent - you're hurting them with that fierce red lipstick and leather skirt!!

    + I adore your bag! I think I could fit in it - take me with you!! ;)


  28. @Vanesa: Dont I know it girl, I bought it because I saw Carrie wearing it...haha!

    @Sofi Stellar: no girl! def not, its more of a figurative sense of how I like my wardrobe! I love a good cup of French vanilla ice cream ;)

    @Andrea: I was feeling very Rock n' Roll that day!

    @V.: thaanks lover!

    @Raven: haha! girl if I could fit you in my pocket I would- you are a contant happy person in my life! :)

    xo Carlina

  29. Gorgeous! Love your outfit dear, and your rings are gorgeous!
    Pretty eyes!

  30. you look so chic :) great outfit
    im now your follower
    will you follow me back please?

  31. you look awesome! i LOVE everything about this outfit


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