Friday, March 18, 2011

never say never

{Hollister coat, cat blouse purchased in Paris, Zella leggings, Dolce Vita boots, Taneesi earrings, Ya Living scarf}

This past weekend I did something I said I would never do again. I ran another half marathon. The first one was completely grueling and took such a fierce toll on my body I immediately got the flu after those trying 13.1 miles. I can't really pinpoint where I eventually changed my mind, but I'm glad I did. It was a pretty big accomplishment, and I even beat my last time! I'm even thinking about my next one- anyone interested in running Nike Women's SF in October?!

Enough of this un-fashionable talk already! Let's get to the juice- these super hot and versatile leggings I'm wearing. I scored them in the Nordstrom workout section. And yes, I do work out in them, and yes I wore them on my half marathon day! They are kind of like my lucky charm- well not really but they sure make me feel like I run a lot faster when I wear them. Either way fashion faux pas or not (leggings as pants? did I just turn into Lindsey?), I'm still going to rock them since the bf says he likes when I wear them- and let me tell you ladies those words don't make their way out too often (ie, this conversation).

{run Carlina run!}

Guess who's on twitter now? Come find me @alergic2vanilla. Let me know if your on twitter so I can find more friends!


  1. Love the cat blouse and those boot!!

  2. Lovely outfit ;)

  3. congrats!!last time i did a marathon was like 4 years ago!lol. my goal is to start running "the seawall" 2 weeks!lol..with my baby in joggin buggy (i'm a nanny!) yeaaauh. thos runners are HOT! and you made those leggings sound FABULOUS!!! <3

    btw, i love those boots!! havea good weekend girrrrrl

  4. @Carolina: thanks honey! it was a great time, you should totally start running again! lets start a fashion running club ;)

    love yau, have a grrreaaat weekend!

  5. Ok running a half marathon is an amazing accomplishment, but running TWO?! Truly inspirational!!

    As for this blouse?? It too is an inspiration! Love it!!

  6. Congratulations! That's an amazing accomplishment!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. Congrats on running that half-marathon! That's amazing - you go, girl ;)

    And I love wearing legging as pants, as long as my top is JUST long enough to cover my bum. That's my policy - otherwise, they function well as pants. Your leggings look amazing on you, especially w/ those boots. I love leggings & boots - my favorite combo!

    xo Sherrie

  8. oh congrats! i'm so proud of you- i wish i could run a half marathon...i don't know if i could. i love the leggings, and i'm totally guilty of wearing leggings as pants- i think it depends on the kind you wear, y'know? if you ever want a good laugh check out:, it's hilarious...

    aw, brock (bf) is allergic to cats too! that's why i was so shocked when he got me TC for christmas, but we have wooden floors and it really hasn't bothered him much at all!

  9. Mang I love clothes that can work over time. & congrats forreal because I can't handle running distances unless I am chased by a stranger-danger! I'm actually running today for the Warrior Dash ( and it's a lot of mud and obstacles stretched over 3 miles.......haven't trained.....I'm gon DIE.

    + YAY!!!! You're on twitter now! I JUST tweeted about you to WikiFashion since they are planning a fashion blogger meet-up in the Bay Area for the end of next month + they are trying to lock down a place and see who's down. I totally passed them your name + blog addy of persons interested.

    who loves ya ;)


  10. Looking beautiful doll. I love your cat print blouse and tan boots... plus you look absolutely radiant when you smile! It's like a burst of sunshine!

    Look at your run girl! Go go go!

  11. your boots rock!

  12. Woww!!! When you smile you look so beautiful,
    i like the color of your boots, and your casual outfit.
    Congrats for marathon...

    Kisses!! Vanesa.

  13. I like the MIUMIU cat, flower blabla printed collection still so much. Your very lucky to have a blouse like that. Its gorgeous.

  14. love the boots, I have similar pairs and will be retiring them soon due to summer.

  15. Good job on the half marathon! Also I'm organizing meetups for Wikifashion in SF for around the 24-27th. Someone on twitter said to let you know if you'd like to come along? All the details will be on my blog closer to the date (we're driving around the country).

  16. i was abt to say i LOVE those boots, and then i saw the last picture of them and realized those are the ones i have :) :) i really love your style. you make everything look good :)

    i would love to do a marathon, but i don't know if i would have the time to train properly b/c of school. how involved is it?

  17. aww you are SO pretty girl!! i luhloove your style so much! happy i found out about your blog ;). aand you're from the bay area too?? loves it! :) now following you lovely on here and Blog Lovin' :), hope you had an amazing Monday! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  18. So glad you might be able to come! Details will be on my blog closer to the date :)

  19. you guys are so sweet- thanks for all the congratulations!

    @Jessica: that's love right there...buying your lady a cat, knowing your sweet!

    @Raven: guurrrl warrior dash is gonna be so much fun, I've heard good things...messy, but good things! Who else gives you a beer right after a mud pit?

    @Brit Greek & @Vanesa: thanks ladies, it's funny because I never really smile (on the blog), but maybe I will more often from now on...

    @wikigirl: I'm in....!!!!!

    @simplychic: those boots are the best, no? Training will take time, but no more than say an extra hour 5 days a week-- you know you shop online for longer than that! Check out for more in depth totally can do it with school, work, whatevs is going on in life. Highly recommmend it! Let me know if you need anything. I want to sign up for SF Nike womens in Oct...lets train sometime together!

    @Kathleen Carla: swoon. your too sweet. Glad you found me, cuz now I found you ;)

    xo Carlina

  20. The blouse is awesome and the boots...ah, i love!

    ♥ kisses ♥

  21. very beautiful outfit and boots!! :) great blog, im following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me :)



  22. Thanks for such a sweet comment girl! :)
    And I really LOVEE your boots and parka here!
    You look so good!
    xx natalie

  23. loving the color of your boots. intoxicating :)

  24. nice pics! i like this outfit with the following, hope you can also! i just started so i'd really appreciate the support :-)

  25. cute. cute. cute. I like the whole look- the print, the army jacket, the boots... everything goes together so well.

  26. I love your boots!!! You look great.

  27. I love your blouse! You look stunning!


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