Thursday, June 30, 2011

playing in the fog

{Alloy peacoat, wet seal denim, thirfted: Lands End sweater, Ralph Lauren button-up; BR by Edition necklace, Nine West boots}

This is what summer has been feeling/looking like for the most part in Northern California- cold, and foggy. This day we were actually in Half Moon Bay. We took a trip up to a local winery to bottle our own red wine. I love doing this every few months; always having good table wine on hand is a must for me!

The surrounding area was a bit farm-like and chilly being so close to the ocean, so I piled on the layers. Afterwards we headed for clam chowder (and beers) to warm up.

Here's hoping the weather man isn't wrong when he says the Bay Area will range between 70-90 degrees. I finally want to get my tan on. Happy (almost) forth!


  1. I think the navy coat makes the outfit, and I just love the boots and necklace!

    The weather has been acting up here in southern california too, I hope it gets it's act together soon.

  2. i love ,i love it!!! :) poppin your collar! have a great weekend.xox

  3. Great outfit love the necklace over the jumper!
    Glad to hear I'm not the only one having rubbish weather this Summer.

    Abigail x

  4. love the sweater and the coat combo, the necklace bring the outfit together, and the background view is marvellous!!!

  5. This is a great outfit (especially love those boots) and I totally thought the pics were from fall...crazy, right? It's finally started to warm up a little here in SoCal as well. Hope it lasts for more than a day. argh


  6. @LaynahRose: I think it does too, and it was perfect for the weather :)

    @Carolina: haha you know how I do...poppin collars!

    @Abigal's Place: this has got to be one of my favorite necklaces ever!

    @Joandy: the background was pretty awesome- right by the beach!

    @this free bird: I love these boots, need to wear them more often

    xo Carlina

  7. simple, chic, simple. I liked

  8. This is a great look, so classic! LOVE the necklace!

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  10. I always imagined California to be so hot. You look lovely in any weather.
    I'm back home in Sweden for 12 days and it's so humid and warm. I can't sleep at nights.


  11. This look is adorable! I would wear this anyday. I love the classic cream sweater with the skinny jeans and the booties. Thanks for linking up!

  12. Love the outfit and totally get what you are saying about the weather... Every time I am up north or in around the San Francisco area in the summer, it is cold!

    All the best, Angel

  13. Great look. I love your necklace.

    Thanks for the sweet comment honey.

  14. LOVE that first pic and lovely necklace!!

  15. I really love this outfit! Such an awesome feel to it!

  16. So glad the weather has kept up for us! I definitely got my tan on this weekend. I am determined to be a few shades tanner by the end of the week, haha! Hope you had a lovely 4th, girl!

    Hope you'll stop by again soon & check out my giveaway!


  17. cuutteee

  18. LOVE that necklace unique.


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