Friday, September 30, 2011

indian summer

 {VS Catalog blazer, Gap sheer top, J. Crew shorts, SM heels, Rebecca Minkoff purse, bracelets: J. Crew, nOir, F21, FACE Stockholm nail color}

This was a work outfit, that was very much appropriate at the time- 90 degree weather. Where as now it is officially fall, and very much freezing- typical Bay Area weather. But for three short days, I took our very short summer, and took full advantage of sheer-ish numbers, and bright shorts like these! 

Even though the sun is gone, and the wind is back, I'm looking forward to dressing for the season, and pulling out the layers, hats, and burnt orange separates I've been stockpiling!



  1. gorgeous doll! loving the Rebecca Minkoff bag! Such a great color xo

  2. you look great!!! love the bag!

    xoxo from rome

  3. Gorgeous!! You styled this WONDERFULLY!!

  4. You have such beautiful skin and eyes. You also have a nice selection of Rebecca Minkoff bags. You should tweet some of your images at her; I'm sure she'd love to see what you're wearing and how you're wearing it!


  5. What a beautiful outfit!!! Love the blog :)

    Have a great weekend. xo.

  6. love the way the red pants and bag brighten up the whole outfit. and i love the nail polish - it even glows a little in the dark, so flashy!! :)
    thanks again for your lovely comment - i'm always so happy to read them!
    ♥ romi

  7. I love your blazer! The preppy-chic look really suits you.

    I am most def not prepared for a cold fall or winter at all! Sigh. Why does the Bay Area tease us with super, summer-y weather and then pull it away as fast as it arrived.

    xo Sherrie
    Closet Hound

  8. I'm good thanks, looking fabulous girl! I soooo want your jacket! going through a monchrome vibe at the moment!

    Wishing you a top October!

  9. That blazer is so fabulous! It looks adorable with the white piping!

  10. carlina!!!! i love this outfit! it's so spunky!!!!! <3 . how was your weekend?

  11. 90 degree? Insane! Seem like the perfect outfit for weather like that! Love the bag..

    Cheers! ~Angel

  12. I love, love, love your jacket. with red shorts it looks amazing. Great outfit

  13. This outfit is incredible! I am so in love with the vibrant colors!


  14. LOVE all your feedback friends- keep em coming!

    @Carolina: thanks love! :) Weekend was awesome as it should be!! How was yours?!

    xo Carlina


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