Thursday, February 16, 2012

the standard

{Apt 9 blouse, Ark & Co. skirt, J. Crew heels, BCBG collar necklace, Zara purse}

As odd as it sounds these wraparound ankle heels, this mesh metal collar necklace, and this vegan leather skirt have become staples in my closet, and my work and play outfit rotation. Never in a million years, would I have thought these would become staples, but here we are, and yes, this is what I'm feeling for the season. Hard to believe, since my previous job required boring slacks, company provided polo shirts, and steel toe boots!!!


  1. Um, you're beautiful! : ) And I'm so intrigued about your job outfit descriptions - what were your jobs? Just curious : )


    1. Hi Jenn! Thank for the sweet words! I was in the Aviation industry- in Flight Operations specifically. :)

  2. Loving this entire look from head to toe!

  3. so pretty C!!!! <3 i love that collar necklace!

  4. You wear this oh-so-well and I still want to see this NASA look sometime- ;-)

    <3 amanda

  5. So pretty! Really love the collar against that putty colored blouse! The shoes are excellent as well!!

  6. you are so gorgeous girl, i love this outfit!! the collar necklace is the perfect addition! keep inspiring lovely, you have aaamazing style! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  7. I am loving this outfit! I've been looking for some cute ankle wrap heels for weeks now, but these are definitely my favorite so far! And thank you for your sweet comment! So glad you liked the fashion week posts :)


  8. I love it! Such a cute combo, not to mention I kind of want you closet now.


  9. Your collar necklace is super cute!

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