Monday, May 7, 2012

favorite bits from LA: the Latina Lifestyle Blog Conference

For the past week I have been on a inspirational high all due from my recent travelings to Los Angeles. I recently made my way to this glam city for a few blog conferences- the first, the Latina Lifestyle Blog conference (LLBC), and the second Lucky FABB. I had an amazing time at both, so today I want to share some of my favorite moments from this journey. 

It literally was a journey, I packed up my rental and hit the road from the Bay Area to LA. The six hour drive wasn't bad at all- the scenery was beautiful, and I had plenty of time with my thoughts, lots of time to reflect on life! 

I made it to downtown LA in one piece, and immediately had an event to attend- the LLBlog kickoff party and happy hour sponsored by Milani cosmetics. There was a ton of swag, professionals doing makeup, taking head shots, and of course libations. I met the Milani team, and some beautiful people inside and out. I was pumped and ready for the following days seminars and speakers. I left the event and made my way to Beverly Hills where I was spending my hotel stay at the beautiful Crescent Hotel! The bed was plush, the bar was stocked and the decor was fab- I couldn't complain! If you're ever looking for a great place to stay, the Crescent is it!

 I meet so many wonderful ladies this weekend, and heard some empowering speakers- my favorite was the eloquent Deborah Deras- you have to check her out! I also met Nina, from Nina on the Moon, she was the reason I found out about this event and I was overly excited to finally meet and connect with her- she is even more gorgeous in person!! 

Each day we heard a different panel of speakers at the Indie Desk space where the conference was held. workshops included "The Social Media of Blogging", "Using your blog to sell products online", and "The Business of Blogging: IRS Reporting, Copyright Law, and Blogger Disclosure."  And, we even got a tour of FIDM- such a gorgeous campus. Needless to say I learned SO much, and was unbelievably inspired!

Oh, and I ate some pretty amazing food, including traditional Oaxacan cuisine and went to Roscoe's with Lisa, a fabulous local jewelry designer for ilaments! That place is legit good, and somewhere I always find time to go to when I'm in LA. Overall it was an unbelievable experience and something I'll cherish forever- big thanks to Ana-Lydia and her amazing team for putting this event on! I can't wait for the next one!


  1. all these photos are so cute.looks like a busy weekend!you look great!


  2. Amazing pics!
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  3. II adore this collage of gorgeous photos - that moody sky shot is serene. I'm also the same when it comes to a looooong drive, it's great to reflect and hve your mind ponder over things!

    You look every inch of gorgeous! Great pics! Loving the printed yellow blazer/shirt?

  4. It was great meeting you...and I am still craving those leopard heels of yours ;). Wasn't the conference amazing? Love your pictures! BTW, your ZARA heels on the previous post are to die! Do you see a trend here?

  5. Even I have never been to Roscoe's and I live in LA. It's supposed to be amazing. But maybe not as amazing as that ASOS blazer you wore at the conference. Great to meet you and look forward to staying in touch!


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