Friday, October 19, 2012

dia de los muertos

This Marie Claire October 2012 editorial literally moved me. There I was on the treadmill huffing through 3 miles, when I turned the page and saw this! It was brilliant, beautiful, and reminded me of an old Halloween costume I tried to pull off years ago (don't judge). Regardless if your Mexican or not you can appreciate the beauty of this spread. The colors are intense, the model is stunning, and hello, big brows are so in right now. 

Halloween is next week, what are you dressing up as? Or are you "too old" to dress up?! 


  1. Is this Moschino?


  2. I loved this editorial, as well. I'm not Mexican, but as you know, I lived in Mexico and am pretty much obsessed with Mexico! The colors are so vibrant and don't even get me started on the brows! ;)

  3. Dear Fashion Expert,
    I am colleague of your boyfriends in major shoe fashion pickle. I spend of a lot of time in the laboratory (as you may have heard from your handsome boyfriend) and want new comfortable shoes. I currently wear my clarke boots everyday and am considering buying another pair. However, I would like to change this habit since I have 4 pairs of the same pants (some in the same color) and may be 10 identical T-shirts. Do you have any advice for me in this time of crisis?

    1. Dear Crisis Clarke,
      I am so glad you reached out to me, you sure are in a fashion pickle! I am doing some speedy research and will send a link or possibly a dedicated man post your way.

      "Fashion Expert"

  4. Love this post so much! I wish I could replicate the hair on mine:)

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  5. Gorgeous editorial!! stunning really!

  6. I LOVE the long-sleeved lace top and all the oversized jewellery, and that dress on the first page! WOW! The needlepoint fabric is soooo beautiful! But her eyebrows are a tad scary...:S

  7. Such a stunning editorial. I love every piece! (And also kind of dying over the fashion expert question, haha! I love it!) Xoxo

  8. i saw this in print and loved it! so pretty :) i am not sure what i'm being for halloween.we were thinking of yoko ono and john lennon, lol. especially since gabriel\s hair is so long now ahaha

  9. Oh my gosh! Thansk so much for sharing. I love this so much- my friend actaually dressed up in Dia De Los Muertos costume and face paint last year and she was stunning!

    Holly Foxen Wells

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