Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the little details

1. J. Crew boys shirt, BCBG collar necklace, Hollister jacket
2. J. Crew jeans, and Valentina heels
3. Nicole by Nicole Miller sweater and Ann Taylor necklace

While a statement outfit is more my speed, sometimes there just isn't time and effort to pull it all together, and thats when the little details really count. The tousled cuff of your favorite jeans, a necklace that shines just so in the light, a doubled up collar- all little things that really make an outfit stand out, in my opinion.

What are your favorite noteworthy details when you want to add a special something to your outfit?


  1. You are so right. Sometimes it's the accessories and little details that bring a look togther. For me, it's always jewelry and shoes. They can take anything from plain jane to dressed up in no time :)

    Holly Foxen Wells

  2. obsessed with collars now, love your's too, and adore your shoes!!!

  3. I love these shots, I'm such a detail person! Those leopard shoes are too cute -- need them. :)

  4. Those shoes are great. I can always count on giant rings to dress up a casual outfit. That or bright lipstick.

  5. At the moment I'm a fanatic of bib necklace <3 I think that they make a simple outfit special :) BTW the third pic is awesome!
    Xxx hun


  6. Great detail shots, I love snapping little details in an outfit. That necklace is really pretty too.

    Stay in the Lines

  7. Love the collar necklace!

  8. I love how you wear our necklace layered over a collar. I always wear it under; I need to mix it up!

  9. Lately I have been buying sparkly rhinestone necklaces to wear with colorful sweaters. I love the collar necklace layered over the plaid. Cute and colorful!

  10. That pink sweater is TDF! I love layering necklaces when I want to add a pop. So good! Xoxo, Sarah


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