Wednesday, November 14, 2012

well-styled wednesday: the burgundy pout

I am currently obsessed with finding the perfect burgundy pout- ever since I saw the Vogue Paris editorial above. I'm on the hunt for a shade that is vampy enough, but not bordering on the verge of scary, or making me seem like an extra in The Craft. I love that this lipstick hue is making the rounds within the stylish set this time of year- how appropriate right? And best thing about this shade is it's pretty versatile with when you can wear it, how you wear it, and what to wear it with. As seen on the three pretty ladies above you can rock wild patterns, faux fur, and even a preppy buttoned up tomboy look with this sassy pout.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see how I attempt my version of the burgundy pout! 


  1. I agree, I'm on the hunt for the perfect burgundy lipstick and also a more raspberry shade also. It really is perfect for Fall!

    xo Jenny

  2. I love the burgundy pout!! I need to go shopping for a new lipstick!

  3. ahahah the Craft! I hadnt thought about that movie in years! I am in love with Too Faced La Creme Lip Color in Divine wine! Its the perfect wine shade!

Holly Foxen Wells

  4. nice blog :)would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  5. You're going to look wicked with a burgundy pout girl - totally suits your skin tone :-)

    Vanessa x


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