Friday, December 7, 2012

the need for tweed

{Kirna Zabete x Target tweed sheath (similar style), Gap turtleneck, Zara moto denim jacket (similar style), F21 beanie, unknown leggings, J. Crew Biennial satchel, Zara heels}

You ever have a moment where you envision what you want something to look like? In my case it was this outfit. Staring at the pieces hanging lifeless on plastic hangers didn't really help. Trying to figure out how to pull off acid washed denim nearing Winter, wasn't helping either. So many layers, not much structure, oh well, I'll just throw it all on. And, walking the streets of San Francisco gets cold, even after growing up here I still haven't gotten used to it- so now I layer, a lot. And this outfit is pretty indicative of my time spent outdoors in the city, including the flats in my bag.

Anyways let's chat style! The outfit, it's major right? I love a good tweed shift- especially this time of year, it's so rich. And this was one of the only pieces I was coveting from the Target collaboration prior to the Neiman Marcus one, which I may or may not have purchased a few pieces from as well! The shift was pretty loose even though it was my size, so I had momma resize it. It now fits like a dream and I don't want to take it off. I've worn it with a striped boatneck top, bare armed, and plan on wearing it with skinny jeans soon. So many possibilites! Oh and the slouchy beanie- I'm obsessed, expect to see a repeat showing of both in the near future. 


  1. Love the pop of red with this outfit! Super cute!

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  2. Loving the mix of textures and fabrics here! You seriously can rock it.

    Ava Tallulah

    1. good call, didn't even think too much about the texture mix. ;)

  3. you are beautiful!!! i had to share this dope look on my facebook page!! I tagged you in it, hope ya don't mind!! BESOS

    1. Nina you are the effing best- seriously, love you!!

  4. I love that dress! I need something like for now, although, not sure how the bump will like it! I'm looking at these shots and checking out flawless your skin is, just out of interest do you even wear foundation???
    Happy Weekend Carlina!

  5. so cute! you totally edged up the tweed with the beanie :)

    p.s. so jealous that your mom sews...

  6. Nice Blog!!
    xo maschalina

  7. Love the mix of glam and street style, the dress is so pretty.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s


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