Monday, December 10, 2012

makeup monday

I love playing with color- in my wardrobe, on my nails, in my home, so it's no surprise that also extends over to my makeup choices. This show-stopping Milani eyeliner is the latest way I'm trying to add a little color to my life. The safer choice would be to blend it in, but then it looks like an eyeshadow, and I really wanted a bold cat-eye! This Napoleon Perdis one in a similarly bright hue, or this easy to use MAC liner are other fun ones to try out.

When you want to switch up your makeup choices what do you wear?


  1. Love it, so fun! The green really makes your eyes pop, I just might have to try a liner.

    S.S. Milk

  2. Absolutely love the eyeliner! My Art teacher at school often has coloured eye makeup and I'm like " beautiful..." :D

  3. very bold, looks amazing on you, i would love to try it sometimes:))

  4. bold and I love the green liner! Reminds me of that days when I wore blue eyeliner! = )

    Rachel Ashley

  5. ok gorgeous! can I just add some eyeliner and look like you!? Too cute!
    Hot Pink Day
    Libi & Lola


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