Tuesday, September 10, 2013

restaurant review: coqueta

A few weeks ago it was this girls birthday, and my only request was a nice meal with good cocktails. Enter Coqueta- a Spanish taps bar by famed Top Chef guy- Micheal Chiarello. I've heard good things about this place, read about it in 7x7 magazine, and even got a recommendation from my sister on what to order. So on a Wednesday night, around 8pm I walk in with my guy and we attempt to grab some grab, sans reservations.

Bad idea. We were told the restaurant was not seating any more in the main dining room, and there was  sitting/standing room in the bar area only. The bar was major crowded, no available seating, but there was a tiny spot in the back to stand near with a sliver of bar table available to us. We order a drink with the idea to leave if no seating opens up. An hour passes by and nothing. The drinks are fabulous, overpriced but excellent. We're starting to get hungry so we order a few tapas to hold us over--the grilled octopus and a wonderful medley of shrimp, and crispy potatoes in chorizo sauce. The latter was my favorite, and something I'd definitely recommend. The octopus could of used a bit of lime, maybe a touch more salt.

Another drink, and another hour goes by. We never did find a seated spot. And since I was constantly searching out for diners wrapping up I didn't truly enjoy my experience totally. Two drinks per person, and two small plates to share came out to a little over $100-- for that price I would of loved a seat. 

Bottom line- the menu was innovative, and tasty; the drinks were fabulous, I'd come back just for those alone. Don't expect to come here on a random mid-day dinner expecting a seat, reservations are a must! If you're in San Francisco and make it out to this place on the pier let me know what you think, I'd love to hear what you ordered, and what you thought about it!

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  1. "overprice but excellent" isn't that the truth! i hope that didn't ruin your birthday!


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