Wednesday, March 5, 2014

the lab event recap


These past few weekends I've been a busy lady. From checking out wedding venues to attending and walking in The Lab Event's (a bridal fair) runway show--I'm really, finally, doing some I-just-got-engaged wedding stuff. And it's pretty exciting!

If you already follow my instagram account you'll have seen snaps from the event. Everything from me strutting my stuff in a big poufy white gown with lashes for days, to a girly cocktail called 'Blushing Bride' in the perfect coupe- which got a ton of love!

I had an amazing time with some of my favorite SF bloggers and my beautiful sister who came out to support me. The vendors came prepared with beautiful vignettes and yummy sweets- from lavender fudge mini-pots to salted caramel macaroons- it was all delicious and I can't wait to start taste testing for my own big day!

Thanks for having me, The Lab, looking forward to this fabulous event next year. 

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  1. You look gorgeous lady! Congrats again! xo -Taj

  2. OMG those photos are GORGEOUS! The first one belongs in a magazine. Surely it will be in a magazine, right? Love this post! xoxo, BA

  3. Wow! Looks like a great event. I'll take one of each of those desserts pretty please! <3

  4. Beautiful pics!! Enjoy every minute of planning, it goes by soooo fast!! You're going to be a beautiful bride!! Work it girl!!

  5. The photos are great! and congrats!! You look very gorgeous <3
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    xx, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  6. Hi! Are you still on Poshmark? Oh and Congrats!!!! Blessings:-)

  7. What stunning photos! That cake looks heavenly.

  8. The place was magnificent and modern, and the rooms were comfy. Truly, the sound was heavenly and as a visitor, there are so many sweet spots that you need not waste time and bother others finding the one.


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