Wednesday, April 30, 2014

pink suede

{Zara pinstripe blazer, Forever 21 tee shirt, Zara Basic denim, Maison Scotch beanie c/o, Zara pink suede booties, Ray-Ban aviators}

Never have I been more obsessed with the color pink than now. I was never a pink girl growing up. I decided at an early age that I'd go against the grain and proclaim my undying affinity for purple as my forever favorite color. Pink reminded me of bubble gum, and vanilla, and all things sweet and girly- which I was not- and yet for some reason these very pink, very girly, bubblegum-hued-booties have me pinning for this muted shade. If I could wear a suit entirely made up of this color I would. But you already knew that. 

See more pink suede goodness below:

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  1. You are dressed simple but tasteful, I also love the way you look in this beanie:) Those photographs turned out so great;)
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  2. SO CUTE. I love those booties and that little beanie! I am just loving the new hair. I know I keep saying it - but you rock the short hair better than anyone I know!


  3. LOVE the booties!! Luckily we're the same size.. tradies?


  4. AWSOME OUTFIT! Very nice and the pink really makes it soft

  5. Okay, I tried to write a comment yesterday and it wouldn't let me so here I go again... I LOVE these boots. They are anything but girly. You look so tough and super chic and I just can not get enough! xoxo, BA


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