Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the perfect maxidress

When I first saw this dress hanging in an H&M store about 3 years ago I was put off by the price. $60 felt like a lot of money for the brand, I didn't know if the quality would hold up, but I knew the cut and color made me very happy. So I bit the bullet and 3 years later am still loving this beautiful dress. I'd say it's one of my best H&M purchases ever. What the best thing you ever spotted and bought that you weren't 100% convinced on?

Here are some fun maxi dresses, all perfect for whatever kind of summer weather you are having...
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  1. I've always loved this maxi on you! Definitely a must to have one or two perfect maxis in one's closet!


  2. LOVE this maxi on you lady! The color is amazing.

    xo Donna

  3. Just gorge!

  4. The maxi dress is so stunning!! It just reminds me of the ocean :D

  5. Are you for real? That dress is from H&M? I swear, some gals just have a magical way of finding the BEST things there and this proves you are one of them. I love it and that last shot is incredible! Great find!
    xoxo, BA


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