Monday, August 18, 2014

a week in maui

 {Charlotte Russe top, Quiksilver shorts, J. Crew hat; Billabong and Victoria Secret bikini separates}

Exactly one week ago I woke up and left paradise, otherwise known as Maui to me. It was beautiful, lush, colorful and everything a tropical destination should be- including copious amounts of tiny umbrella drinks.

Good friends of ours were getting married in this beautiful island and we were lucky enough to spend a week there on vacation as well as attend their ceremony- talk about a destination wedding, right? With Hurricanes Iselle and Julio making an appearance in the middle of our week, it took a day and a half away of beach/wave time but we still had the best time. I'd like to admit that I did all sorts of adventurous things like jump off of Black Rock and swim with sharks but alas I did not...more like relax, beach time, eat, and do it all again. It was awesome. 


  1. so jelly of your trip! looks like you had a blast!! i've never been to the islands, but hope to make a trip out there eventually :)


  2. Amazing pics lady! You look amazing and oh-so relazed!

  3. What an amazing getaway. You captured it all beautifully. I especially loved seeing all of the exotic dragonfruits. They must have been delicious! Also - you have the most BEAUTIFUL hair. It must have looked even better in Maui! Mine would have been a frizzy hot mess. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful adventures with us. So glad to hear that the wedding turned out beautifully. XOXO

  4. OMG you are crazy pretty and I can't even handle it. I love that pic of you at dinner, but my favorite is the one of you and your husband. Make holiday cards with that one!

  5. Stop! This trip looks soo amazing, as do you my love! Holy abs, I need to grab more workouts with you!! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

    xo Donna

  6. jesteś śliczna, pozdrawiam :)


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