Monday, October 27, 2014

ladylike with clarins

I've been dabbing grownup serums and creams on my face since high school, and applying drugstore makeup since even longer- it's one of the benefits of having a mother who always took care of her skin and only bought fancy French department store brands. I scored her leftovers and got the not so great makeup samples in her gift with purchase. Needless to say I grew a healthy obsession with beauty and skincare at a young age, and happily still do. 

If someone asked me today what I apply on my skin, and they often do- thanks to genetics and proper skincare- I would list off the serums and eye-creams and SPFs that I often layer. For the past few months I've been loyal to one brand- and my mother would be proud that it's French luxury label- Clarins. 

Clarins sent over some goodies to test and try out. The Double Serum-which you've seen in every single fashion magazine and even on commercials- is everything and then some. It's two different anti-aging serums pumped out as one. I layer a bit under my eye cream, then wait for it to soak in and then slather on day or night cream. This serum is truly a luxe splurge, it smells great and makes your skin feel supple and youthful. After using this since April I'm not sure I can ever cut it out of my skincare regimen. 

Another fabulous skincare item Clarins makes which is another how-did-I-ever-live-without-this item is the new to the line Golden Glow Booster- a concentration of self tanner oil which you mix in the palm of your hand with your favorite SPF or moisturizer to create your perfect healthy glow. It's one of those 5 star products that really makes a difference in your appearance and even allows for less makeup. A win-win for me since this gal doesn't wear foundation, and a dollop of moisturizer with this booster makes my skin glow. 

Stay tuned later this week to see bits from the new Ladylike makeup Collection in person.

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