Friday, October 10, 2014

not really over


Last week San Francisco got a major dosage of Vitamin D, our summer finally got here--only a few weeks too late. Thing is, it lasts from a few days to a week so you have to take advantage where you can- outdoor dinners, happy hours on the sidewalk, and busting out all your summer gear you never got to wear in the first place. Like this dress for instance, you all know I'm obsessed with a good off-the-shoulder silhouette. I picked it up right before my trip to Maui a few months ago, it was perfect for those beach days and warm summer nights. Then away it went never once seeing the San Francisco light of day- until last week when the summer than never came was apparently not really over. 

I paired it with my fab new True Religion scarf- that will get plenty of wear this fall- to give the look a more appropriate summer feel, a luxe yet handsfree bag option, and my comfy sandals since I love walking everywhere in this city. 

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! I'm staying put and checking out the Blue Angels this weekend, should be a nice weekend for a great show!

Photography by Francisco Guerrero


  1. That scarf is beautiful! I love it paired with your Maui dress for SF Summer!

  2. No SF look is complete without a scarf! That one is the perfect finishing touch to your look. Love how you tied it off to the side, too!
    xo Chelsea

  3. Tres chic. I love that dress - So sweet and stylish and fabulously you! <3

  4. Gorgeous as always! Let's keep up the sun in SF. <3

    Jackie and Adrienne


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