Wednesday, November 26, 2014

back to black

{Missguided coat c/o, Wildlife works tee shirt, True Religion denim, Circus by Sam Edelman boots c/o DSW, Eugenia Kim fedora, Forever 21 necklace}

Black is a color that I don't generally gravitate towards, one because i really don't own that many solid black pieces, and two because I generally prefer the excitement of color and pattern. That being said, this outfit worked for me because of the mix of textures- hello teddy bear coat!- and the pop of blue from such a fabulous hat- it's very American Hustle, no? Not to mention the fact that it felt a little French, oui oui, and I liked that I instantly felt chic in this neutral shade. Dare I say I'm even fond of the hue? Either way, I may be back to black sooner rather than later. 

Photography by Alex

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

simple floral arrangements for Thanksgiving


A few weeks ago I made it over to the SF Flower Mart for the first time ever. It was pretty amazing- the plethora of color, versions upon versions of flowers, and the fact that it was almost entirely cleared out for the day sans a few people made it all the more special to really soak in. With a mere $20 in my pocket (I can go a little crazy with the flowers so I put myself on a budget) I told myself I was looking for Thanksgiving inspired florals, I wanted a bit of orange in the mix, a green rustic filler, and it all needed to be $20 or under. The beauties above are what I found- fragrant eucalyptus, vividly dyed sunflowers, and dusty blue hydrangeas. 

With these three bunches I created four bouquets to place around the house- the two larger ones for the centerpieces of the table, and the smaller ones for the entryway and the serving table to spread the decor evenly. I knew I wanted to keep the height on the floral arrangements so I made sure to not cut too much off from the bottom. I placed the eucalyptus in first, then the sunflowers, and then the hydrangeas. I think the mix of the colors make for the perfect festive floral arrangement for this time of year- it's not too peppy, yet understated enough to make an impact but not distract from the food. 

If you ever get a chance to check out the SF Flower Mart you should, the ambience, the visuals and the experience alone are worth it. Oh, and always negotiate if you bring cash! If I didn't I don't think my florals would have come out under $20. 

Photography by Carlina Harris

Monday, November 24, 2014

and another one

{Uniqlo cape c/o, Madewell chambray, Zara denim, Anyi Lu shoes c/o, Asos bow

Yes this cape is getting worn again in a matter of two weeks. Why you ask? One, because this is real life and we are all re-wearers. And two, because it is awesome. I have been wearing this cape non-stop- at home as a blanket, or over a jacket as a giant scarf. And because the Christmas holidays are getting closer and closer, and that was the whole point of getting this cape in this festive check print, I'm 100% sure it'll be getting another re-wear sooner rather than later. 

Photography by Francisco Guerrero

Friday, November 21, 2014

cobalt pants for the holidays

{Jigsaw sweater c/o, GAP micro cords, Circus by Sam Edelman booties ℅ DSW, handbag from my visits to Prague, Caravelle watch, Pacsun fedora}

It's pretty much the holiday season- cocktail recipes are being served up, gift guides are a plenty, and more and more you are seeing gals in their glitter. While sparkles and sequins are for sure a norm around here, this year, I'm gravitating towards bold festive hues like this cobalt pair of pants. Funny story about these, my husband then fiancĂ©, gave them to me last year for Christmas. I remember heading into GAP with him, pointing at them and letting him I wanted these, as well as my size…so he could get the fit right of course! I didn't think anything of it, I really figured he would forget, but of course come Christmas morning these gorgeous cobalt pants were wrapped up just for me. And because I have a lot of pants, somehow over the months these got shoved to the back. The other day as I was digging though my denim drawer I spotted these blue beauties, I had forgotten all about them, and it was like Christmas morning all over again for me. Don't you love it when that happens?!

Happy Friday, loves. Hope you all have a fab weekend! Follow me on my instagram for all my weekend shenanigan updates.

Photography by Francisco Guerrero

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

sporty spice

{Zara blazer, ASICS top, True Religion denim c/o, custom Reebok sneakers c/o}

I am all about multi-use clothing. In fact, I generally try and think of three different ways to wear something before I purchase anything...generally. This ASICS top was not one of those items. I walked into Sports Authority as a supportive bystander while my husband was on the hunt for soccer cleats, and of course I meandered over to the ladies section and found something I just couldn't live without- this top. It's a running shirt ultimately but as soon as I saw it I knew I would wear it with blazers and denim, and all sort of un-workout attire.  While I do wear it when I go running to "chic" up my look, I love the idea of taking this top and wearing it for everyday life too. 

How would you style this workout top?

Photography by Lanita Leon

Monday, November 17, 2014

how-to: friendsgiving cocktails with No. 209 Gin

Happy Monday, loves! Hope your weekends were nice and relaxing, it sure felt like a long weekend over here since we were busy hosting and attending parties, but who can be mad at that? The holidays are quickly approaching and everywhere you look- instagram, stores, and all those upcoming invites- it seems like there are reminders that the end of the year, and the holidays are around the corner.

If you follow me on my instagram account you'll see that I held a mini Friendsgiving party this past weekend.  Little secret about me: I love to host parties! I used to host Friendsgiving after college so all of my friends could get together, eat, drink and enjoy each others company since we saw each other less and less. But, mostly it was a good reason to eat lots of yummy carbs and delicious beverages don't you think?!

This year I wanted to craft something festive and yummy rather than just wine and bubby, so I reached out to a local liquor company- Distillery No. 209- and inquired about partnering on something special for my yearly tradition. Gin is something that is quite interesting in taste to me, so I couldn't wait to make something other than my usual gin martini with No. 209 Gin. My gracious guests dubbed my concoction the 'Startruck'- so here it is for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check out the recipe below and recreate with No. 209 Gin for all your upcoming gatherings, and holiday soirées!

-one part No, 209 Gin
-one part sparkling cranberry juice
-splash of rosemary infused simple syrup
-champagne float
-fresh cranberries (garnish)
-fresh rosemary (garnish)

First prep all your ingredients (above), then gather your most festive glass and stemware. I made all the drinks stirred not shaken, so no need for a shaker if you don't have one on hand. I poured one part gin, then one part sparkling cranberry juice, a splash of rosemary infused simple syrup and stirred it all together in a champagne coupe. Then pour a float of champagne and add a garnish of a few cranberries and some and sprigs of rosemary. Last but not least add a few festive ice cubes - in this case I added stars- and toast to a great night!

Check out some faboulous barware I curated for your next holiday cocktail party!

Big thanks to Distillery No. 209 for sponsoring this post!
Photography and styling by me.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

plaid cape for wine country

{Uniqlo cape, Uniqlo white buttonup c/o, J. Crew denim, Nine West boots, Bally bag, Clarins lipstick}

This season there are a few trends emerging, but the blanket cape is probably one of my favorites. Mind you I've seen this silhouette try to happen years ago but it never took off like it is right now. I remember being in Forever 21 years ago and spotting a plaid blanket cape on the sale rack for something ridiculously cheap like $15. I never did get my cape on sale, but I still think about it to this day, so I'm happy to have found a pretty great replacement in this gorgeous Uniqlo one. 

The print is pretty loud, so of course I went with this one- it reminded me of a Christmas plaid, so you know I'll get lots of use of it in the next few months- but there are a ton of other muted tones if that is more your thing. I wore this look to Healdsburg a few weeks ago for a little wine weekend. Wine country is beautiful this time of year, it's not too cold and not too warm so this cape was the perfect addition to my outfit. Speaking of the outfit, it's a little Ralph Lauren-esque no? I love the ranch-style-elegance I'm getting from this look! What do you wear to wine country in the fall?

Don't forget, if you are in the Bay Area tonight I'm hosting a holiday party at Bloomingdales in Palo Alto tonight from 6-8. Hope to see you there!

Photography by Francisco Guerrero