Monday, November 3, 2014

black suede boots

I don't wear these boots nearly enough for the fact they make me feel like one hell of a badass- the over-the-knee silhouette, the buttery suede, the way they look good with everything...just a few of the reasons. I wore this look to a party celebrating Longchamp and the 20th anniversary of the elegant and classic Le Pliage and I knew I wanted my look to be on the same level.  The black suede over-the-knee boots are a bit on the irreverent side but they are balanced out by the classic and muted tones of the rest of the outfit, and the gaggle of gold necklaces just scream party, perfectly chic party outfit don't you think?

Photography by Nicole


  1. That lariat is AMAZING as is the coat. Well, everything is. You look stunning as always. xoxo, BA

  2. DAMN girl! You look S-E-X-A-Y! xoxo

  3. Those boots! This outfit is amazing and I especially love the gold necklaces. You know how to put a party look together ;)

  4. cannot believe that coat is H&M and those boots!! wow...definitely craving a pair now for sure!

  5. love your necklace! such a statement piece :)

  6. I am so obsessed with those boots! I need them right this minute!


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