Friday, December 26, 2014

little indulgences

Plate of Cookies for santa, holiday living room, egg nog with rum float
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Egg nog with rum float, holiday time, recipe, holiday recipes
Holidays, Egg Nog with Rum Float, Christmas recipe

What a week, right?! I've been a bit off the map for the last few days, and that's just the way I like my holidays. I've been traveling between our two families the past few days, cooking, cleaning, decorating, eating a little of this, and sipping on a little of that. This season (for me) it's all about indulging, anyone agree? I've been a good girl- going to the gym, going on hikes (AKA walking in San Francisco), and eating my greens so I definitely deserve to indulge my sweet tooth. 

This year my sweet tooth beckoned for mulled wine, champagne, a variety of cookies and the most indulgent treat of all- egg nog with a rum float. It's divine and easy to make. I filled a champagne coupe with half a shot of spiced rum, then slowly poured egg nog from the box into the coupe, close to the rim. The float of rum remains at the top while the egg nog stays at the bottom of the glass- easy and looks pretty!

Hope you all had wonderful holidays and enjoy the rest of this festive time of year. My husband and I are off to Montreal to ring in the New Year so please send over any suggestions if you've been!

Photography and Styling by Carlina Harris


  1. You deserve it - especially because of the hikes aka walks in SF with heels. Who could resist those yogurt and peppermint pretzels?!

  2. So deserved - Glad you had a lovely holiday season!

  3. Glad you had a wonderful holiday! Love your blog! We're new followers :)


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