Monday, January 5, 2015

reflections on 2014

Are you ready for this? It's a long post today. Doing a roundup of my 2014 in outfits. Some you may have seen and some you may not have. Enjoy and let me know if you have any favorites!




What can I say about 2014? It was a plethora of emotions that ran every which way of the spectrum. I was challenged, enlightened, and even went from a Miss to a Mrs. One thing I gather from my outfit roundup is that I wear a lot of denim. Not a bad thing if you consider where I live and that it is practically the unofficial uniform of the city. That and a hoodie, of course...but unless you find me leaving the gym I'd say you won't get a snap of that image any time soon. 

Anyways, here is to our 2015's..may it be our best year ever! Cheers and as always thank you for following along.


  1. There is NO way I would be able to pick a favorite- they are all that good.

    Loved this recap, excited for all your 2015 fashions!


  2. I'm with Amanda can't decide on just one! Loved the black knee high look with the gold long necklace and grey color combos. I'd definitely wear that outfit any day! Other faves, the maxi dress photo is striking, the fur vest and plaid shirt dress paired with the blue booties is darling! Also loved the knee highs with the red plaid dress and hat. Last but not least, the green leaf crop top and the pencil it!

  3. Also I'll be publishing your post on my blog soon! Thank you for meeting with me Carlina, you inspire me to go for it, step out of my comfort zone, and be allergic to vanilla!

    Much love,


  4. Love your unique and chic yet practical style!

  5. That was SO MUCH FUN!!! Thank you for that scrolling mental vacation of beauty and style! Happy 2015 to you too.

  6. love this roundup and LOVE your style!!!!!! here's to a stylish 2015!


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