Friday, August 28, 2015

Dermstore August BeautyFix Box

Dermstore, skincare, haircare, Dermstore BeautyFix box
 Dermstore, skincare, haircare, Dermstore BeautyFix box
Dermstore, skincare, haircare, Dermstore BeautyFix box
Dermstore, skincare, haircare, Dermstore BeautyFix box
Dermstore, skincare, haircare, Dermstore BeautyFix box

Today is my birthday, another year older another year wiser and another year of skin issues, that's how the saying goes right? This DERMSTORE box of mostly new-to-me skin care brands couldn't of come at a better time as I've been breaking out lately (le sigh) and the youthful glow I once had sadly isn't obtained by washing with soap bars and sunbathing out on the roof anymore. 

DERMSTORE sent over their August BeautyFix box which is comprised of a collection of skin and hair care goodies, handpicked by beauty experts. I was able to review all the products above and am letting you in on my favorites, and not so favorites below. Check them out!

Patchology- One word, amazing! I have been all about a good mask lately. Mud mask, face mask, any kind of mask. The moment I pulled out this mask to try it on I was obsessed, it smells phenomenal, felt really hydrating on my skin, and I was able to leave it on for longer than the recommended 5 minutes and it still felt fresh and like it was still working. I need more Patchology in my life! Here are some more masks you can find on the site:

SmartEye- This anti-aging and wrinkle erasing eye cream was interesting to use. I wasn't sure if it was a tinted moisturizing eye cream or a just an eye cream at first but after using it on a long day, it felt like I looked a little brighter around the eyes. Definitely a repeater, who doesn't need bright eyes after a long day.

Face wash- as I mentioned before I used to once wash my not-so-delicate skin with plain old soap bars (shame on me!) I'm definitely wiser so have figured out not to do that, and have discovered a slew of great brands to treat my skin to. Bliss' Fabulous Face wash and Glytone were a treat to get in this box. I fully appreciated the Bliss wash, it smelled great, and had a pretty nice texture too.

Paula's Choice- I've never heard of this line before but fully can get down with a daily skin clearing treatment! This sample has Benzoyl Peroxide so I knew it was going to be good, and it was. I now have a go-to when I break out, it's also a spot remover if you feel a blemish coming on.

Haircare- My hair is curly and really hard to manage (said no one ever) so I wasn't expecting much when I tried the haircare samples that came in my box. I didn't notice a big difference when using the products, I actually have never really found a shampoo I really loved, guess I'll need to keep on searching.

If you want to buy a DERMSTORE BeautyFix box for the month of August they are still available, I highly encourage trying out this service at least once. It's really fun to get all the mini samples and some full size items to try out, especially the brands you've never heard of. I for one will definitely be needing more of those Patchology masks.

Happy weekend!

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