Wednesday, March 22, 2017

amazfit: staying fit in style


If you take a peek into my personal life via Snapchat or Instastories it's easy to see how I fill my off hours. You'll find it's filled with friends over cocktails, a new dinner spot with my husband or long runs — I love running, it's the fuel I need to shake off any anxiety, stress or even when I want to just clear my mind. In fact, I'm training for a 12K come July, so I need to up each and every step to get my body in the right place for this run.

A few weeks ago I was asked to try out the Amazfit tracker. While I've had every intention of trying out this "tracker craze trend" I never really bit, it just seemed like I did enough walking, and of course, there was the unsightly eyesore that I thought of when I thought of adding extra bling to my wrist. The minute I saw the Amazfit I knew it was in a category all on its own, it was sleek and didn't look at all like a tracker, in fact, I got multiple inquiries from co-workers and friends asking about this new bracelet I was wearing. Once I set up the bracelet to sync to the app on my phone, I instantly saw the benefit! I was already walking over 8000 steps a day, and it even got a bit addicting to check in several times a day to see where I was at and if I would meet my new goal that day.

Another thing I loved about this tracker was that it wasn't just a day time bracelet, while chic and functional it also tracked my sleep patterns. Now like I said I've never tried this trend before so I didn't know what I was getting myself into, so when I found out Amazfit tracked my sleep, including my light sleep time, deep sleep time, and minutes I spent awake in bed I knew this little bracelet was for me.

I'm excited to keep using this bracelet and continue to up my daily walk goal while I train for my 12K run. If you want to try out the chic Amazfit grab it at 20% off with code FINDYOURFIT now through 4/2.

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