Saturday, May 12, 2018

Spring Beauty {and other} Favorites

Nail lacquer {Orange | Clear | Yellow | Grey | Off-White}

Accessories { Pearls | Double Disc Earrings | Opal Dangling Earrings | Gold Magnetic}

Beauty & Fragrance {Bronzer | Brush | Illuminator}

As I sit here typing this out the sun is shining through the windows, people are walking outside without a jacket on, the trees are in full bloom, and the sky is the prettiest shade of blue without a cloud to be seen for miles. It's Spring in San Francisco, people! Let's all rejoice for a moment, shall we? It's also time to dust off those pretty floral dresses, slap on a base tan, and up that spring beauty game. While I'm still working out, those first to-do's on my list, picking out my Spring beauty must-haves are already checked off, and I wanted to share them with you.

A few years ago I was one of those girls who you would rarely see without a new shade of vibrant nail lacquer weekly. Working in fashion, you tend to dress the part, and I wanted to make sure my nails were dressed up too. Nowadays, I'll throw on a new shade here and there when I do my own nails, and when I do it's always a bright hue-- I like to think the brighter shade looks best on my skin tone.  Over the years I've noticed my nails need more affection, maybe less polish and more SPF or going au natural. I was throwing on any kind of cheap polish and realized I needed to be more conscious of the type of polish I was using. I recently discovered Londontown -- a luxe, vegan and cruelty-free nail care line infused with all natural oils and minerals to strengthen my nails from within. They have what seems like dozens of colors to choose from, from bold on-trend hues to natural tones for the demure girl. Check them out here.

What is it Coco Chanel says about accessories? Always look in the mirror before you leave the house and take one this off, huh? Well, I digress, as a maximalist, I say add one thing on! In fact, this Spring we are loving all things earrings, the bigger, the better. I tend to favor gold (again, the hue compliments my particular skin tone) but if silver is your thing, go for it, it's fresh and different, and you will stand out since most folks are going for the gold, pun intended. Want to try something entirely new? Think Vogue editorial spread! Mismatch those big gold earrings, like I did here. The latest additions to my jewelry box are these Margaret Elizabeth earrings, BaubleBar earrings here and here (both under $11!), and these very chic Maison Miru double pearls.  Forget necklaces, earrings are in for Spring.

Now let's get to beauty and fragrance, shall we? Tom Ford scents are in folks. This line is new to my vanity table and now will forever not be there. I am partially obsessed, partially in love. This spring while I gravitate towards fresh and fruity, Black Orchid and Vanille Fatale are giving that sweetness I'm looking for this time of year while serving up major sass in an elevated way.

Have you heard of lilah b?  They describe their line as "a minimalist collection of color, that allows women to achieve a finished look with fewer products." Definitely, something I can entirely get behind as I am in a constant battle with my makeup case as it never wants to quickly zip up, probably because there is way too much crammed into it. The lilah b. Glisten + Glow Skin Illuminator is something I am currently slathering all over my cheekbones to achieve an effortless dewy glow. It's a luxe whipped formula to give a natural-looking candlelit luminosity and makes me feel like a million bucks even if that is all I wear on my face (plus SPF of course, always SPF, folks).


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