Friday, November 16, 2018

Cooking with Carlina // Baking at the CIA at Copia

I'm going to start this post by saying I look awful in an apron and that's why I generally don't wear one when I cook at home, aside from poor fashion choices in this post let's chat about what I'm doing. BAKING! If you watch my IG stories (and honestly I watch more stories than I consume IG posts nowadays, so I'd be surprised if you didn't catch them!) I'm a closet chef and baker, or at least I'd like to think I am. I do however very much like spending time in the kitchen, whipping up a healthy meal or an indulgent pumpkin cheesecake, just because it's Tuesday. 

So, when the CIA at Copia invited me to Napa for a day to take a baking course I jumped at the chance. I was not sure how to choose between a pasta making course or a pastry one, and after inhaling the last season of The Great British Bakeoff, I was convived the baking class was the right move. Plus, I could channel my inner Paul and critique all my fellow bakers' work. 

It was a group class, with about 7 other couples, a mix of young adults, mom, and dads, and every pair had an assigned recipe to create, in the end, we would all share the fruits of our labor over wine and merriment.  

My husband I were tasked with making raspberry souffle and while a non-time consuming event in terms of baking, it sure was laborious every other step of the way. It took us a few hours to prep — pureeing the berries, sieving the compote through the tiniest mesh to get all the seeds out, then whipping in egg whites into the mix ever so lightly so as not deflate the mixture. Then once they were piped into the ramekins, into the oven they went for a little over 10 minutes, until the tops turned golden brown and puffed up just so.

The cooking experience at the CIA is amazing, and I am going back for a dim sum class or finally trying out that pasta making course soon. Definitely a repeater. If you are in the area and would like to check it out use code "COPIAFUN" to take 10% off any classes through the end of the year. 


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