Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hats off to Spring


With the inconsistent level of sunshine in my vicinity, I knew as soon as an ounce of sunlight broke its way through the fickle spring (wannabe winter) weather, it was time to head out the door and get some vitamin D on these gams! The weather was gorgeous on Saturday, and I wanted to take full advantage. After nixing the idea of heading to the beach my better half and i decided on a little shopping (OK, so maybe this was my idea), some lunch on the patio, and ended things at our friends' place in San Carlos for a surprisingly fun and action packed UFC flight! It was kind of a whirlwind, yet eventful day. This mini and oxford combo made it unexpectedly easy to get around in, while my flat laser cut oxfords remained comfy throughout the day!

{Sweet Pea mini mesh dress, UO laser cut oxfords, F21 fedora, Bottega Venetta bag, Cole Haan sunglasses}

Thursday, March 25, 2010


{Silence and Noise oxford, edc by Esprit jeans, H&M rings, Ray Ban wayfarers}

{Cindy Crawford photographed by Peter Lindbergh for Harper's Bazaar}

Of all the many things that I love about style and fashion, it's the models that I have a particular affinity for. Their off duty look is just as enticing as their on-duty, and they always know how to turn it on, even if the most fashionable thing they have on is a classic white shirt! From the famed supermodels of the 90's, my favorites are Linda and Cindy. But Cindy always had a special place in my heart- the most gorgeous brunette I had ever seen in a Revlon Rite-Aid lipstick ad (come on people, you know that's where you shopped too, to get your Wet n' Wild on!). 

So, in honor of Cindy, and classic's everywhere I toned down my usually over-the-top look for a more refined, timeless alternative-- the oxford and dark denim duo. I was actually really diggin' the simple yet elegant way the outfit came together! With a pair of brown oxford shoes (so in love with btw), and the always practical trench coat, this look was ready to rival the likes of supermodels everywhere!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Stocking Up

{me: Target white oxford shirt, Target floral ruffle skirt, SM boots, vintage Fendi crossover bag, 12th St. by Cynthia Vincent belt; Christina: Micheal Kors bag, ON wedges}

I know a good deal when I see one. And the BevMo five cent sale is most definitely a good deal! After lunch with our dad, Christina and I headed to said wine distributor and perused through the aisles of bubbly, beer and booze. The gigantic warehouse was hosting not one, but two different tastings, several bottles of wine, a pomegranate liqueur, and rich cheeses to satisfy the palate with. I most certainly steered clear of imbibing in any judgment impairing substances, but Christina said the pom liqueur was tasty and would mix well with champagne--a festive cocktail indeed! While I left the store empty handed, sis found a good deal on imported ales, and dad picked up some decadent dark chocolate to nibble on--gotta love that dark chocolate is an antioxidant!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Round the Corner

One more day until Spring is officially here! I am thrilled, the sun has finally come back to grace us with its presence. The temperature is up, the weekend is here, its pay day; things are looking up!  And my wallet is itching to rack up some mileage points. It seems like just yesterday I was looking forward to all things, luxe, cashmere, and sequin-like.  But now when I open up the glossies, all I see are: sun, floppy hats, florals, pastels, and gorgeous tan chicas.  Obviously I am going to want the latest and greatest in seasonal items, it was inevitably bound to happen. I happens every year, every fashion season, I should have already prepared myself for the credit card crunch!

And so this week, it hit. Spring/Summer purchases so far 3: floral jumper, tan oxfords, and off the shoulder sweatshirt, am I crazy or just CFI (certified fashionably insane)?! Tell me, do I need these babies in both colors?

I bought the cognac ones, now I really want the pink leather too!!! Help!

 (Dakota Dress with crochet racer back)

(Kid Dangerous Janet Pullover)

(Steve Madden Melin Oxfords)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Girls About Town

{Carlina: VS schoolboy blazer, Ralph Lauren boys oxford, Alloy skinny jeans, thrifted vintage clutch, Steve Madden Wedge heels; Christina: Necessary Objects skirt, BP floral tank, Guess pumps,Express clutch, F21 ring, H&M leather jacket}

Party time with sis and the crew for her beau's birthday. We did a bar hop of sorts: Murphy's Pub, Gitane, Irish Bar. Since I  gave up drinking for lent I sipped on club soda with lime wedges all night- I had a great time hanging with old friends.... So you might not get my inspiration, let me explain- I did my own version of  "European city girl gone prim and proper." I am still loving this last season's Balenciaga inspired schoolboy blazer. I paired it with a well worn boys oxford shirt buttoned all the way up, stovepipe skinnies, and sky high platform open toes. I love this look, (it's a take on the boyfriend trend) although it may not have come across as well in the photographs. 

Christina is gorge in her perfect "Sat night done right" festive look! As always she was the life of the party! Towards the end of the night we started rocking out to Micheal Jackson's greatest hit's...I think we were the only ones dancing at the pub :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wang Bang Thank You Ma'am

by Carlina Harris

There is not enough room on this page, to fit all the amahzing items spotted at Alexander Wang Spring 2010 RTW Collection. Besides the now ubiquitous side braid Wang made famous by having his models frolick down the runway Hanzel and Gretal style in, the clothes were to die for. The tough chic look is so million dollar baby meets ring girl! This sporty look is gaining speed in the fashion world, and Wang has definitely got this one in the (gym) bag!  The cutouts in all the right places, the missing sleeves, luxurious leather camera bags, knee high socks with booties--oh my!

You can try out out this gym class look by donning the Asymmetrical Long Sleeve Sweatshirt dress, cutout included! This black number has white piping running down the left and back side of the dress, accentuating all the right places! Another one to watch out for is the Oxford Combo Dress with cutout sides, it takes on the color block, and denim shirt trend to another level, while tying in Wang's cutout theme--tre chic!

Sure, a really great outfit can be totally spot on, but to make something really special, add a few key accessories, and you'll be the talk of the town. A new favorite of mine is the Brenda mini camera bag, hobo's are huge, and clutches can leave you one-armed, but this cross body camera bag is perfect, no hands required, and it has an old school feel to it! These glasses are killer, they are razor sharp almost; you must be prepared to get stares, and hear jealous whispers when you rock these Cat sunglasses- caution, not for the faint of heart. Last but not least, the clog trend is sweeping the nation (which I am totally shocked about), but Wang does them up more like Victoria Beckham, than the Danish kids on "Its a Small World". These Edita Platform Sandals are fierce, and got me to rethink my footwear!

{Asymmetrical Long Sleeve Sweatshirt Dress}

{Oxford Combo Dress with Cutout Sides}

{in love with the Brenda mini Camera Bag}

{Cat Sunglasses}

{Edita Platform Thong Sandals}

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday Fun-day

{GAP sweatshirt, wet seal harem pants, Tory Burch Reva Flats, UO necklace, Brass Plum stud earrings}

Dressed in my Sunday best, on an unusually gorgeous sunny morning. I kind of just threw this outfit together last minute, as I was running out the door, and realized how comfortable I felt! The sporty feel of the cozy chic sweatshirt kept out the winter chill.While the the relaxed, yet stylish fit of the pants kept me running from errand to errand, ie, the bakery. Just to keep the look more boho-chic, than hobo, I spruced the look with my new favorite necklace! I got this fabulous piece at Urban's sale, about a month ago, at only $10, and it's such a statement piece! Speaking of favorite jewelry, my obsession of late has been large stud earrings. I have been collecting all shapes, and colors, the only requisite is that the earrings have to been larger than normal. The ones I am wearing in the second picture are a stunning mixture of tiny pearls and pale blue stones on a muted silver background.

Because I have a HUGE sweet tooth, I went to redeem a Groupon, I bought for Nothing Bundt Cake in Los Gatos. The discounted coupon gave me four mini bundt cakes for $7. The bakery boutique located in downtown LG was pleasant and the owner was extremely helpful, he even offered to give me an extra cake free because I couldn't decided which flavor I wanted! In the end I choose: Red Velvet (of course), White White Chocolate, Lemon, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Cinnamon Swirl. So yummy!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Green and Pink

(Tramp plaid dress, DKNY tights, Franco Sarto riding boots, Hollister coat w/o fur collar, UO. horizontal ring)

I have been a huge fan of the military trend even before it was recently seen all over the runways at Balmain, Marc Jacobs, and John Galliano. Needless to say I wasn't surprised the trend was taking speed, but it was nice to know I already had all the necessary items in my boudoir to rock this patriotic look! Combat boots: check. army uniform shirt with epaulets: check. Officers coat: check. Sir, yes sir, sign me up for fashion boot camp stat, I'm armed (sans Chanel quilted bag) and ready!

This look can get a little overwhelmingly masculine without the right touch of femininity. So I paired my military-esque garb with a shocking pink lipstick! I was a little much, I must say, when I walked into the resto for din, the hostess eyes were glued to my lips as she was asking us the requisite "seating for two" questions. Maybe she was just wasn't used to all this fabulous-ness!  I, on the other hand, love this fabulous fuschia color, it instantly brightens any look! I'd recommend it for an instant pick me up-- you know when your having one of those days, ie. like someone breaking into your apartment and stealing your brand new Mac Book Pro and other valuable items, tear....

But enough with my security issues, hope you all have a fab weekend.
xo Carlina

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In the Jungle

(thrifted denim shirt, Zella leggings, UO oxfords, Hollister coat, Bally purse, spike ring by Marc Jacobs)

I love San Francisco, because you are never at a loss with what to do. A few weekends ago I went to check out the Academy of Sciences (part deux) in Golden Gate Park with my favorite person ever! We have been wanting to check out this new structure since its grand opening last year, but heard it was pretty much a zoo to get into, with the long ticket lines, waits, and packed crowds.

F is pretty much a total museum/gallery guy, so of course he wanted to see this place. I on the other hand have been hooked on the idea of a new exhibit since my dad was a member of the original AoS. I loved going into the dark Planetarium looking up at the cutouts of the building, and visions of stars twinkling on the walls, the African exhibit with its taxidermy looking lions, cheetahs, and gazelles starring back at me expressionless, and the gigantic aquarium with its 360 degree view of sea life in a hazy bright blue lagoon, all held a very special place in my heart!

p.s. I totally saw Halle Berry at the Academy this day!!!! I was kinda starstruck. She was absolutely stunning in person, so beautiful. But then again, we already knew that didn't we?

Monday, March 1, 2010

city lights, city nights

(vs off the shoulder dress, UO oxfords, Bally chain bag, 12th St. by Cynthia Vincent belt, flower pin by H&M)

 Spent the weekend in SF. The whole shebang: hotel, din at Il Borgo, and drinks at Owl Tree. It was quite lovely---until I woke up hungover! No more fun times for me, Sunday was shot.

Shots of corner art between Mason and Market, for those who don't know this is treading on hood property, aka the beginning of the Tenderloin. The outfit pic was taken across from City Hall, love how the steam is rising from underground. Favorite random shot: the bf, in a gorgeous mustard v-neck, with a sublime motorcycle jacket he found on the cheap I like how this shot is a big fuzzy, blended blur!