Thursday, April 29, 2010

white stripes

Stripes and I have been having a moment. I have been wearing them everywhere, with everything, about every other day. A new day means a new color, I have got striped shirts, in cream, navy, green, black, etc. My newest one (from Target none the less!) is my absolute favorite! Not only does the chic cut, and feel of this shirt make me feel oh so effortlessly glam, but it reminds me of the clean scent of spring, and futures trips to Paris...stay tuned dolls, I've got some mah-jah news!
{target shirt, Alloy jeans, Steve Madden wedges, thrifted croc belt}

{same shirt, Lauren Conrad trouser capri's, F21 sandals, F21 tribal clutch, Tanessi bib neck plate}

{brunch at Flames. my first Monte Cristo sandwich ever...oh. so. good.}

Monday, April 26, 2010

Garden Party Print

{Target dress, 12th St. by Cynthia Vincent belt, Steve Madden sandals, thrifted denim jacket, earrings from Mexico, Fendi Sunglasses}

I love it when the weather heats up, I am definitely a summer kinda girl! I pull out the warm weather essentials from storage and pair a shoulder grazing number with one of my many favorite sandals-- in this case its my Balenciaga inspired tribal flats. This dress is sort of a departure from my everyday garb, but I decided to toughen it up with a patent leather belt, and some mismatched, over the top sandals! 

My spring/summer essentials: poolside lounging with a ton of sunscreen, perfect pedi's, printed dresses, and lots of ice cream, fro-yo, imitation Pinkberry...yum watermelon flavor!

Friday, April 23, 2010

she's got wings

{American Apparel sweatshirt, F21 belt, Xhilaration bubble skirt, Empyre blazer, Nine West wooden wedges, Commander in Chic Sally Hansen, H&M ring, Bottega Venetta bag, Taneesi bib neck-plate}

Whirlwind week, glad it's Friday, I'm definitely ready to enjoy the highlight's of a well deserved weekend! Maybe a little sleeping in, visit a small vineyard and bottle my own wine, eggs Benedict on the patio, and of course I got to get the the gym, even if it is on the weekend...I have a 12K coming up! Is anyone else running Bay to Breakers, or any other race?!

Here's hoping you enjoy your weekend too! Oh, and Happy Earth Day to all who celebrated this momentous occasion! The earth is a beautifully vast region which deserves love and respect as well as any other living breathing individual. I can't wait to go out there and explore much more than my little corner of the globe one day!

p.s.  I think I'm gonna go with the first bag in my last post, it's the most economically friendly, and it's pretty cute, what do you think...splurge or save?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

bag lady

Been searching for a stylish, yet not-uber posh knapsack of sorts, for: travel, summer festivals and slouching around town. So far, I've found a few front runners. Which do you like best? Take my poll off the right, and help me pick a bag that you think suits my personality and style best...


from top:Alloy Corey bacbackpack, $42.50; ASOS Tan Leather Rucksack, $118.36; ASOS Leather Twist Lock Satchel, $109.91; L.L.Bean Maine Guide Rucksack, Waxed Canvas, $149

Monday, April 19, 2010

the little things

{grey 4 nail varnish by UO, holding TTTC chocolate cupcake with raspberry icing}

{Kimchi Blue rose gold metallic oxfords}

{layers upon layers on a blustery school night}

{fave H&M ring, old school Sally Hansen peachy nail varnish)

Sometimes (not all the time of course) it's not about what you wear, but how you accessorize yourself. A LBD is simply that- plain and boring, without the added enhancements of baubles, and bling, envelope sized clutches, and sky high heels! At times, your va-va-voom factor could be simply a fab nail shade- I like to switch mine up weekly, an over the top flat, or even a great medley of colors and textures! 

{SHOO Jimmy Choo! A Modern Girl's Guide to Spending Less and Saving More}

With my affinity for glam and exaggerated silhouettes and hues, I can shop with the best of them. But, I put my foot and credit card down at that gorge YSL coral knuckle ring I've been eying. Fashion is fun, and shouldn't be debt-inducing. After tax day I realized I not only need to organize my closet, but my shopping addiction fashion finances as well! This fun and enlightening read pledged to make me a millionaire (by retirement age), one deposit at a time!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sock it to Me

{UO chain necklace}

{models wearing Vanessa Barbery}

{vintage dress I cut shosrt, F21 chain jacket, chain purse by my mom}

{on the red carpet by Stephanie Maulding}

Had the lovely opportunity to attend a local designer fashion show recently featuring talent by Vanessa Barbery, Himajesty, Sheila Moon & CC Connections at Roe. There was a lot potential shown, and a lot of inspired people! I went dressed to impress, and rocked my new all time favorite look--socks with open toe shoes! I know sounds crazy, and might even look crazier, BUT I don't care, I love it, ha! Get with it people, its sweeping the nation. Next thing you know Michelle Obama will be doing it! Wear what you love, love who you are.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

“One if by land, Two if by Sea”

 by guest blogger and sister, Christina

Thank goodness for being a teacher! I have the luxury of a Spring Break. Most adults aren’t as fortunate as I am to be able to take a week off from work in the middle of April. Instead of lolly-gagging around, I took full advantage of my break and flew off to the East Coast. Marvelous! Me and my beau lived it up in Boston for four days, and it was Ah-Ma-ZING! So much culture, grandiose architecture, nice-as-can-be locals, incredible nightlife, splendid eateries, fabulous style, and a sick a$$ ballpark!

We started off our trip at the ever so popular Samuel Adams Brewery for a tour. Nothing says “Welcome to Boston” like gaining knowledge about the brewing process and free beer! You wouldn’t believe how much Bostonians love their Sam Adams! It was everywhere.

Oh and we spotted the guy who brews the beer, and is featured in the commercials! Sweet!

Later that night, Erik and I rallied up for the Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees ballgame. Let me tell you--Boston loves baseball. Diehard fans! The game was a mash up of a Giants game and Disneyland--outlandish costumes, fanatical hotdog vendors, face painters, big jazz bands! It was too much fun!

The following day was spent in the 90 degree weather, walking the Freedom Trail.

Who doesn’t love seeing the State House, Memorial Cemeteries, Robert Shaw’s battles, and the home where Paul Revere lived?

Oh, and nothing is better on a hot day than stopping for a pint of Sam Adams Seasonal Summer Ale at the local Irish Tavern. Check us out, at the “Bell in Hand Tavern”
The following day was spent at the surprisingly Berkeley-esqe Harvard University. Totally urban vibe, people singing into microphones, playing guitars, working us tourists for some pocket change. We had the opportunity to dine and drink at Upstairs on the Square (where Michelle Obama recently ate!) Check out the cutesy pink and zebra d├ęcor. Fierce!

Our last and final destination was the uber posh bar at the Liberty Hotel. Name: Clink. Past life: Prison.
Can you imagine? It was all too much--the fabulous crowd, the DJ, the lights, the stiff drinks, the unbelievable history. I was in over my head! Then, to top it all off, I spotted some runway models strutting their stuff. I inquired to some nearby photogs, as to what this was all about. “Fashion Thursdays,” they replied. What impeccable timing! This was all too good to be true! I schmoozed, mingled, and sashayed my way through the crowds, and right up there with the models, too! Check me out ;)

Hope to be traveling in style again soon enough!


Monday, April 12, 2010

White Lace

{F21 lace dress, BR by Edition necklace, SM booties}

{Steve Madden Suede grommet booties}

{BR by Edition necklace}

{First beer after Lent}

This is my -I couldn't afford a real Philip Lim 3.1, so I got this instead- lace dress, that I absolutely adore. Its beautiful on the hanger, and hangs gorgeously in person. I bought it a while back, but only actually donned it recently over the Easter festivities, brunch, mass and the like. I think it worked quite well with the Easter vibe of renewal, new life, a fresh start, etc. If you were in the Bay Area over the holiday you know it was raining cats and dogs, so I decided to juxtapose the light spring frock with a severe gray tight, and some massive boots. It was quite fun running around in the rain wearing a lace shift! 

After hanging with the fam, I had dinner plans at a Thai resto later in the evening, where...dun du-dun...I had my first drink after 40 days! The whole giving-up-drinking thing wasn't really difficult, except when I would have an exceptionally great bowl of pasta, and knew it would pair phenomenally with a semi chilled glass of syrah! Oh well, its over now, I can have a have my glass of wine, and drink it too.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Trench Coat Mafia


{H&M short trench, striped sweater Hollister, F21 burnout tee, edc by Esprit jeans, Tory Burch Reva flats, scarf from Israel, Fendi sunglasses}

So-wee, for the lack of posts, the rush of Easter Break kind of took over, you know, finals and stuff. Anyway, trenches are in such demand right now, they scream classy Spring elegance. I got this one years ago, the night of my good friends' bachelorette party no less (talking to you L). It was definitely an last minute, impulse buy, but looks great over anything, whether its adding spice to a LBD, or draped over layers of sweaters, and sheer tees like me!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jimmy Choo: The Man, The Empire

Hello everyone, hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!!! Just finished writing an article on the iconic Jimmy Choo and his realm for San Jose Fashion Week. Check is out here!


Friday, April 2, 2010

Walking in Circles

{Empyre boyfriend blazer, pinstriped button up, Alloy jeans, Bottega Venetta hobo}

{Memphis Minnie's Chicken Plate}
{SM Melin Oxfords}

Last Sunday was kind of an adventure filled day. First we started off in the Haight just wandering about, when we found a BBQ hole-in-the wall joint called Memphis Minnie's, where we shared the delicious artery clogging plate seen above! Yum, slow roasted chicken, shoestring spiced fries, baked beans, corn bread, and some sweet tea! Next stop famed dog paradise--Duboce Park. It was really cool seeing all the dogs frolicking, jumping, running--they needed to get that pent up "I'm too big to be living in a cramped, tiny ass SF apartment" aggression out. Watching the dogs interact with one another, and their owners makes me want a big French poodle, Great Dane, or Bull-mastiff- in an appropriately sized house with an even bigger backyard of course!

Then I had the brilliant idea to check out the Fillmore shops on the other side of town, ie: Marc by Marc Jacobs store! I didn't find anything I didn't already know I wanted, but couldn't afford in the first place, so I headed over to Crossroads. There I happened to score a Proenza Schouler short sleeved sweatshirt that was produced in the Target collaboration a few years back. That's considered vintage, right? Well it was cute, and only $4, so I got it.

Anyways, I needed some sweets stat. so with my Groupon for "That Takes the Cake" in hand, I was determined to get some cupcakes asap! The bf thought walking from Pac Heights to the Marina would be no biggie--we could walk off lunch. I'm all for a good sweat inducing workout, but damn, not when I just flat ironed my hair, or am sporting my brand new oxfords! Anyways, we made it up and over the hills, and back with a dozen amazing cupcakes in hand, and with a natural rosy glow -via 45 degree hills- to boot! Feeling several pound lighter, I indulged in the most delicious banana flavored cupcake ever, fittingly named "Elvis is in the Building", you know cuz he kinda had a thing for peanut butter sandwiches. It was ridiculously good!

Lets hope this Easter Sunday is as exciting, and eventful as I'm planning it to be!