Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Girls Night Out

Every time I attend Shecky's Girls Night Out, a few things are always guaranteed to happen. 1.) I overspend 2.) I wake up with a headache, and 3.) I can't wait for the next Shecky's event! What does this say about me? Well we won't get into that, but I will divulge that this years event was fantastic, even better than my last! "Discounted shopping"- or so say the LA vendors, unlimited cocktails, super gi-normous goodie bags, and female bonding at its finest, not a bad way  to spend a Thursday night if you ask me.

p.s I even got a compliment on my fab shoes from Shecky's it girl, and President Claudia Chan, wooohooo!!

{event held at the gorge Fort Mason}

{super boho chic feather earrings for sale....Mila you should have got them!!}
{my new fave hair accessory....the turban}

{queens of the night}

{on me (left): LOFT blouse, Empyre blazer, Alloy denim, Cynthia Vincent for Target sandals, thirfted belt, F21 turban, H&M feather earrings. On Christina (right): Nordstrom striped top, Xhilartion skirt, Steve Madden shoes, F21 crossbody, H&M jacket}


  1. Correction: Christinas crossbody mini messenger is by lulu @ NOrdstrom :)

  2. this looks super fun love your outfit.


  3. Wow great outfits!! Thanks for your lovly comment on my blog :D I really love yours email me soon because i definitly would like the feature you!!!!! :D

    Contact info on my blog :D


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