Friday, August 27, 2010

Roman Holiday

Coming back from three weeks of staying out late, sleeping in, long lunches, and pints of local beer drank on a sleepy little sidewalk cafe is always hard. Especially when it entails one day to bounce back from jet lag, and back to work in 24 hours. But I can't complain- going back to work is a must to start saving for the next trip! 

We started out in Rome. A beautiful city full of history, culture, monuments, and GTL- the Italians can tan like no other. Of course all the requisite spots were visited: the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Vatican City, and countless Piazzas'. Needless to say after walking miles each day and on occasion being stuffed into a sweltering metro we were just plain tired, and almost couldn't muster the thought of staying up after dinner-the carbo loading didn't help either. But we were in Rome dammit- wine had to be drunk, bars with outdoor seating had to be paid a visit, and second hand smoke had to be inhaled.

After all the excitement, this leg of our journey needed a relaxing vacation of its own. A stopover in magical Santa Margherita was called for--a picturesque coastal town on the Italian Riviera followed our Roman holiday..

1. first night in Rome, at new fave bar: Mad Jacks drinking Moretti beer, 2. Italian flag in front of Vittoriano Monument, 3.Inside the Colosseum, 4.Vatican City, 5.after dinner drinks at Piazza Navona, 6.obelisk in Piazza del Popolo, 7. my man, me, and my crazy hair overlooking Rome, 7. alleyway behind the Pantheon, 8. Colosseum, 9. sunset near the Spanish Steps, 10. Pantheon dome

Thursday, August 12, 2010

in Paris...

In one of the most romantic cities I have ever visited so far. Everything is so beautiful. Headed to the Palace of Versailles tomorrow! Slight chance of rain says the forecast, but that wont hold us back.

Au Revoir.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

wedding season

{dress: purchased in Miami, vintage necklace, sash from Deibe Rondon dress, Marc by MJ clutch, Steve Madden heels}

This is what I wore to a wedding last week.

This week I am in Rome, and am definitely not wearing heels, the cobblestone streets just won’t allow--but love it none the less. There really are no words for the beauty that is encompassed in this magnificent city.

Stay tuned for pics from my holiday...